Twitter Banner Size and Best Practices [2023]

Every Twitter user has the ability to upload a custom banner image to their profile page. This is also known as a header or cover photo. A custom Twitter banner is a great opportunity for your business to showcase what makes your brand unique.

The recommended Twitter banner size is 1500px by 500px.

How To Customize Your Twitter Banner Photo

  1. Sign in to Twitter by visiting on your computer or by opening the Twitter app on your mobile device
  2. Go to your profile and click the Edit profile button
  3. Tap the area to edit your banner
  4. Click the camera icon and select Upload Photo
  5. Click Save

Ta-da! You’ve successfully customized your Twitter banner! 🎉

Screenshot of a Twitter profile with custom banner at the top

Best Practices for Custom Twitter Banners

  • Use Canva (recommended – easy) or Adobe Photoshop (for advanced users) to create a banner with the precise recommended dimensions
  • Use minimal text in your Twitter banner, as it may get distorted on different devices
  • Keep your banner image file size under 2MB


What is the recommended Twitter banner size?

The recommended Twitter banner size is 1500px by 500px.

What image formats are supported for Twitter banners?

Twitter supports JPG, GIF, or PNG formats for banner/header images. Animated GIFs are not currently supported.

What resolution should I use for my Twitter banner?

72 DPI is recommended, which is the standard resolution for web images.

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