Best SMS Marketing Software [2023]

SMS software, or SMS marketing software, is a business texting tool that enables companies to plan and execute marketing campaigns via text messages. The software targets mobile devices, thus reaching more people more quickly.

An example of an SMS software service is when a company sends welcome messages, order confirmations, security codes, and status updates.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing software?

SMS software automates text-based marketing campaigns and makes them extremely easy to implement and follow, but that’s not all. The benefits of using SMS software also include:

Global Reach by Scheduling for Time Zones

SMS software helps you reach your customers internationally – and on their time. No more sending messages via outdated systems that require manual hardship. Schedule SMS for multiple customers from a single time zone. One click, and you’re done!

Allows Easy Integration

SMS marketing doesn’t mean you won’t need mail marketing. SMS software comes with integration tools to connect with other software such as MailChimp and Zapier. Others allow integration with CRM solutions through APIs for more streamlined SMS marketing plans.

One for each Business Needs

Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a big established corporation, you will find SMS software that undertakes all the tasks needed and more!

Personalized Bulk Text Messages

Sending messages to multiple customers simultaneously saves hard work and time. What’s more? You can now personalize each text sent in bulk for every recipient.

For example,

Dear [name]! Your flight [flight number] will be delayed for [time duration]. Please contact [airline] for further information. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Tag-based Segmentation

With the ability to send personalized texts in bulk, you can group contacts to make each message relevant to specific customers. Your segments can vary from:

  • VIP customers
  • Loyalty program customers
  • SMS subscribers
  • Newsletters or promotion subscribers, etc

Pre-built Templates

Spend less time copy-pasting the same message with an SMS software’s templates.

Reporting and Analysis

One of the most significant benefits of using professional SMS software is knowing exactly which messages turn into leads.

Turns Emails to SMS

Sending out emails is easy, especially to multiple recipients. SMS software helps convert emails into texts and delivers SMS to your customers. You receive all replies as emails.

Opt-Out Management

SMS software gives your recipient an option to unsubscribe from your texts by sending a keyword, such as STOP. It allows them to opt-out at any time and reduces your campaigning cost and the chance to be marked as SPAM.

Send Texts on Multiple Platforms

In addition to sending direct messages on mobile devices, SMS software lets you send the same texts on other platforms like WhatsApp.

How does SMS marketing software work?

In general, SMS software works the same way as a normal SMS message service on a mobile device capable of texting. SMS software is more feature-packed, streamlined, and designed to cater to multiple customers at once via bulk campaigns or bulk alerts.

Bulk SMS campaigns might use an email-to-SMS service to send out the messages. To set up a campaign, the user needs to:

  1. Create an account with an SMS provider
  2. Upload your contact list (mobile numbers)
  3. Segment contacts into relevant groups
  4. Create templates for each group
  5. Schedule the date and time for each campaign

The SMS software will do the rest – send the messages and receive the replies. The auto-replies work based on a keyword, also known as “shortcode.” A general example: STOP automatically cancels the sender’s subscription to the SMS service and sends an auto-reply informing of the success of cancellation.

Apart from STOP, there might be a shortcode to a promotional service. For example, MORE might generate an auto-response about a discount offer. Receiving the keyword from the targeted potential customer will automatically add that person’s phone number to the text marketing list, boosting campaign growth.

What features should I look for in SMS marketing software?

There are hundreds of SMS software available online, but not all are made equal. How do you distinguish? To help you decide, we have enlisted 12 features to help you pick the one that best fits your unique business requirements.

  • Mass Group Texting: This is a powerful feature that all businesses need. Therefore, it cannot be overlooked. This general marketing feature comes in handy when sending out information about upcoming sales, event promotions, promo codes, discounts, etc. Mass messaging saves you ample time and effort.
  • Streamlined User Interface: A feature-packed software with a complex, hard-to-understand user interface is of no use. A simplified UI makes it easier to use all the tools. Allowing you to keep all campaigns, groups, and lists well-organized to minimize sending out wrong or irrelevant messages.
  • Transactional SMS allows for building trust by communicating necessary time-sensitive information to your customers, from welcome messages to order confirmations and shipping updates.
  • Keywords or Short Codes and Auto-Replies: These are powerful tools to help build your marketing subscriber list.
  • App Integration: This feature is imperative when you sync data from your existing marketing software with your new SMS campaigns and vice versa. Allowing you to connect customers on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Slack, Salesforce, and more!
  • Two-Way SMS: This feature helps customers engage with your business in real time by enabling you to converse with customers without missing any conversations.
  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Report: The recipe for a successful marketing campaign includes gathering information to personalize each customer’s experience.
  • Drips Campaign: This feature enables sending time-delayed texts to your customers and continuous interactions with your subscribers to drive conversions.
  • Link Shrinking: Keep your SMS concise and attention-retaining by keeping your links short and uncomplicated.
  • Email Capture: You can easily export your SMS subscriber data to your email marketing platform using email capture. Help your email list grow alongside your SMS list without putting extra effort into this feature.

How much does SMS marketing software cost?

Pricing varies depending on your marketing campaign needs and subscriber list. Most SMS software comes with a free trial, after which the cost can range between $25 to $2,000 per month depending on how many SMS you send out. For $500-$1000, you should be able to invest in 5-6 digit shortcodes.

Several SMS providers price per text. The cost increases per MMS message. For example, Voyage charges $0.01 per text-only SMS and $0.03 per MMS.