AI writing software originated long ago, but just how much has it progressed? From apps like Grammarly that check grammar and plagiarism, to ContentBot and Jarvis which can write an entire blog, AI writing software has come a long way over the past few years. These tools for writing can use artificial intelligence to take care of the tone and format of your blog to make sure your brand’s posts stand out.  

In short, AI-based writing assistants can streamline the writing process and improve content quality for maximum engagement.

Here’s an overview of what AI writing software is, its benefits, how it works, what features to look for in one, and how much using this type of software costs.

What is AI Copywriting Software?

In short, AI copywriting software is a “robotic” application that uses a number of technologies to automatically create content. This software allows for near-error-free content creation that resonates with your target audience using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to make the process faster.

These bleeding-edge technologies can generate content, detect plagiarism, fix grammar mistakes, form concise sentences, improve readability, and ultimately make each post not just faultless but also engaging.  For their effectiveness and accuracy, more and more brands are beginning to use these AI writing assistants.

An AI writing application is capable of writing content that goes beyond a commercial post. They can even write sentimental content like love letters. Wow!

The Best AI Copywriting Software for Most People

  • — best overall tool with built-in WordPress support
  • — best for writing long-form content
  • Writesonic — best pricing for non-frequent writers
  • Copy.aibest free trial (no credit card required)
  • Content Botbest non-profits who use WordPress is a copywriting tool built for WordPress


Content Bot

What are the Benefits of AI Copywriting Software?

There are numerous benefits of machine-enabled writing tools such as AI writing software. The most significant benefits being:

  • Saves time: Using the capabilities of AI, the software pulls relevant information from unlimited resources on the web (like Wikipedia). It searches farther and faster than a human ever could. For example, this software can assist you in outline, draft, final edits, pre-formats, tone, keyword inclusion, and plagiarism check in less than 5 minutes. That is at least 2 hours less than how long a person would take to undertake the same tasks.
  • Increases productivity: Because AI writers take less time to produce and proofread content, they generate more content compared to a person. Moreover, AI writing software can work 24/7 and never needs to take a break.
  • Saves money: Since these tools are often a writer and an editor in one, you spend less on hiring external and internal content writers. There will be minimal need for an editor to oversee content before publishing.
  • Broad range of content: AI writing assistants learn faster which is helpful when generating all kinds of content. They can write dissertations, novels, love letters, informative ideas, witty posts, clever click-bait headlines, SEO articles, etc. With an AI writer, you can make your story as emotional or high-converting as you want.
  • Has mass-market potential: You can deploy the same AI writing tool across many industries, and it will produce expert content that is relevant and informative. Human expertise is rarely that versatile.
  • Beats writer’s block: Even the best content writers are not above writer’s block. Everyone deals with it, but content production will not have to suffer with AI writing software at your disposal. Artificial intelligence will generate content on your behalf. If not, it will pull from literally everywhere on the web to give endless prompts to stir inspiration.
  • Fact-based: A significant factor of AI writers is that they are unbiased. Since they are fact-based, they create content around various topics without opinions.

How does AI Copywriting Software work?

Artificial Intelligence comprises two elements – machine learning and artificial neural networks (ANNs). AI writing tools use these same elements to work and produce and edit content.

Machine learning involves developing new learning algorithms and improvising the already existing ones. It enables the software to analyze large, complex data and recognize patterns, make predictions, proofread, and give better suggestions.

Artificial Neural Networks are a key tool in machine learning. They mimic the human brain by stimulating the network of neurons that make up the human brain. They use nodes for deep learning to allow sentiment testing. ANNs imitate human nature by acting with a certain degree of self-awareness. It adds a human element to automated writing, so the AI software can convince humans that it is human too.

Initially, what was just a helping hand, now is a solid simulation of human intelligence. It can detect errors and correct them and understand writing nuances, flag overused and complex words, and even generate the entire post on its own.

Specifically, many of these AI writing assistants use the OpenAI API  which is powered by Microsoft Azure.

Which Features Should I Look for in an AI Copywriting Software?

When looking for an AI writing assistant, make sure you have the following features at your disposal.

  • Error-free Proofreading: This alone can make or break the efficiency of an AI writing tool. This feature is essential to all writers regardless of what kind of content they are producing. For example, Evernote uses AI to collect and organize content but does not allow in-depth proofreading like Grammarly.
  • Multi-language Support: The best AI apps will support multiple languages. They will let you translate already-written content. The feature comes in handy when writing emails, ads, and review responses for a foreign client or target audience.
  • Anti-Plagiarism: While several AI writers exist, not all generate 100% original content. This makes it best to pick software that never plagiarizes.
  • Brainstorming: AI writing software should be able to brainstorm for creative blog post ideas that are relevant to the brand’s target audience, engaging, and also high-ranking on search engines.
  • Keyword Inclusion: All content serves the purpose of ranking on Google and reaching more people. This is impossible without keyword implementation. Therefore, an AI must have the skill to make content SEO-friendly. If not, SEO software integration should be possible.
  • Conversion-Oriented: For brands that want to sell through content, AI designed to work towards higher conversion rates are best. For example, Jarvis uses two models to generate marketing copies – AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) and PAS (Problem identification, Agitation of the problem, and Solving the problem with the product).

How Much Does AI Copywriting Software Cost?

Despite their extraordinary assistance, even the best AI writing software is affordable. Depending on the set of features they offer, a paid AI writer can cost anywhere between $10 to $120.