Review – Pros & Cons [2024] is an AI-powered copywriting assistant that uses machine learning algorithms to generate compelling, human-like marketing copy within seconds. In addition, it also helps develop catchy headings, attention-grabbing subject lines, meta descriptions, blog post intros, and more. The software is trusted by marketers at companies like Microsoft and Zoho. comes packed with features that help you create content and turbo-charge your creativity. There are pros and cons to consider before choosing this platform over others, though. Features packs a handful of key features and tools β€” from brainstorming to creating and editing. Let’s dive in!

Write Long-Form Content works efficiently as an AI tool and is able to generate long-form content like blog posts and essays within minutes. As claimed by their website, it “cuts writing times by 80%”, leaving plenty of room for writers to accomplish even more. Plus,’s content is optimized for SEO with well-researched keywords.

But what sets apart from its counterparts like Writesonic is that verifies whether it is on the right track before finishing up the entire blog post. This makes the whole process (and the final product) a lot more human. also includes editing, grammar, and plagiarism tools to help you refine your content, polish sentences, and make sure it is 100% unique. 

In the end, remember that tools like are assistants and it’s important to edit and fact-check the final content.

Create Product Descriptions is also able to generate convincing copy that will help boost sales. Think product descriptions, product benefits, digital ad copy, and micro-copy. 

It’s a simple process, actually. Simply say the name of your product, what it does, and the tone that is best to address your target audience. Based on the information, will generate multiple descriptions. You can copy them directly and post on your E-commerce platform, save them for future references, and browse “more like this,” or simply remove them.

Create Social Media Content offers over 10 different outputs to help you create all sorts of social media content – from carousel posts to adding emojis and effective CTAs.

I’m sure you know how tedious, bland, and repetitive it can be to create social media content daily. makes it easy and fun to come up with more Instagram captions, hooks, relatable experiences, and more by turning the process more creative and less sluggish.

Change the Tone of Content

One of our favorite features with is the ability to change the tone of voice of the content. This means you can input a boring paragraph and change it so it is witty or sassy. What sets it apart is the wide range of tones from which its users can take a pick. In addition to “Friendly” and “Professional,” you can also use the following tones:

  • Luxury
  • Relaxed
  • Bold
  • Adventurous
  • Witty
  • Sassy
  • Persuasive

Create Compelling Sales Pages

One of the best ways to improve conversions is by writing a killer sales page. But here’s the thing: they are hard to write. Creating content that grabs attention and convinces readers to take action takes time, energy, and passion.

This is where comes in handy.

This AI copywriting tool has a unique “freestyle ” tool where you can choose from a collection of popular headlines and make your super-relevant content for your sales page. Here is a tutorial.

Their sales copy tool offers eight different persuasion techniques such as “Attention-Interest-Desire-Action,” “Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal,” “QUEST Copywriting,” and more.

Pros & Cons of

Here’s a quick summary of and our review that covers the advantages and disadvantages of using this AI content tool.


  • Offers a free 7-day trial of their Pro tier
  • Create nearly 100 different types of content (and write up to 1,000 words in 4 minutes!)
  • Clean, organized user interface
  • Project categories and clean organization of content
  • AIDA and PAS frameworks supported
  • Comprehensive help center


  • Fact-checking and human editing required
  • Generated content might be too random
  • Building long-form copy requires several steps
  • May lag sometimes Plans & Pricing offers straightforward pricing with just two different plans: Free and Pro.

  • Free Plan – Free of cost, this plan is perfect for hobbyists, students, and those who require short-form content. It includes:
    • 2,000 words per month
    • One user seat
    • 90+ copywriting tools
    • Unlimited projects
    • 7-day free trial of Pro Plan
  • Pro Plan – Depending on your word count requirement and whether you bill them monthly or yearly, the plan will cost you between $37/month for 40,000 words to $279/month for 300,000 words. It includes:
    • Five user seats
    • 90+ copywriting tools
    • Unlimited projects
    • Three months free
    • Priority e-mail support
    • 25+ languages
    • Blog Wizard tool
    • Access to the newest features

Overview of

There’s no doubt that is a powerful tool. It’s free to start with, but you must be careful with editing, accuracy, and fact-checking. It can help immensely to speed up the repetitive and time-consuming aspects of short-form content writing. boasts more pros than cons. It is affordable, has a clean UI, keeps the editing process simple, offers numerous tools to create all types of content, and keeps it all organized. 

But, overall, like most AI copywriters, it is more of an assistant that gathers facts and helps you build on them instead of entirely automating content creation. While it increases production, you will still need to edit, fact-check, and sometimes do your research to ensure quality.

In terms of pricing, there is a free option. But to get the most out of this service, you will need to pay. At $37 per month, it’s certainly a bit more expensive than other services on the market. Still, it proves itself with its ease of use, multiple language support, and comprehensive list of tools.

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