Outranking.ai – Pros & Cons [2023]

Outranking is an AI-powered tool that’s a data-driven mesh of content planning, content creation, SEO optimization, and content execution. It takes advantage of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) analysis to create briefs, outlines, and snippets. It means it will also help you create and optimize content that ranks high. What sets Outranking apart is that it is just as much for content teams and SEO managers as for solo content writers and marketers.

Top Outranking.ai Features

Outranking masters in SEO-optimized content writing and SERP analysis with the help of a range of features and tools. With step-by-step instructions, this tool collectively helps you create content that raises a high rank on the SERP results. Outranking comes with a treasure trove of relevant SEO data to create content with a higher-ranking potential.

SERP Analysis

You will love the SERP Analysis feature if you are a data geek. The tool allows up to 10 preferred keywords in your selected language and country of your target audience. You can also filter the number of SERP results you’d like to see.

With SERP Analysis, you can review an overview, heading tags, metadata, URL, keywords, and other relevant tags. You can also have highly relevant (and necessary) data about top-ranking pages like backlinks, domain authority, and content length on your desktop screen.

This is an excellent way to keep an eye on potential competitors and outrank them.

Related Keywords and Semantic Keywords

Outranking reads the focus keywords you put into it and suggests related and semantically related keywords and phrases. It does so with the help of a well-laid-out chart of Keyword Data.

All the keywords are color graded on a heatmap ranging from:

  • Blue = most important
  • Green = strongly suggested
  • Gold = opportunity/potential

Predicted Win Keywords

Outranking’s Artificial Intelligence System scans and skims your competitor’s web pages, cherry-picks high-ranking keywords, and writes content targeted to outrank them on the SERP results. Win!

Content Writing

If you think SERP Analysis was excessively data-driven and precise, wait till you come across and get to work with Outranking SEO content writing tools. They are everything that you need to create the most lucrative and result-oriented article for your business.

Outline Builder

Now that you have the meat for your article, it is time to meet the AI Wizard. This AI Assistance follows a straightforward three-step process to create content optimized to win Google. The steps are:

  1. Generate meta title ideas
  2. Create meta description
  3. Build an outline

While the first two steps are solely keyword-based, the third step is comprehensive. The SEO writing assistant builds an outline using structured content blocks, a section Concept generator, SERPs, and Google PAA (People Also Ask).

It uses the previous meta title, target keywords, and descriptions you entered to build an outline based on SERP results.

Alternatively, you can select your outline using the AI writing software. It shows you headlines from top-ranking web pages and Google PAA on the chosen topic, helping you identify the strongest sections of content that you should include. Just one-click lets you transfer these ideas; with a drag here and a drop there, you can create your unique outline.

AI-Generated Blog Posts

When you click “Create Outlines,” the blog structure automatically transfers to your document. Before moving the outline, enable the “Auto-write first draft” option to automatically generate content for all the headings according to the settings made for each block.

The draft function setting uses the advanced GPT-3 AI to write the paragraphs for each heading. It is an effective tool when the topic is general, and the knowledge about it might be present in the GPT-3.

FAQ Generator

FAQ Generator automatically converts any raw text into frequently asked questions. It does the research in the form of advantages, disadvantages, pros, cons, features, steps, and key highlights.

Featured Snippets

Outranking generates benefits-driven Featured Snippets exclusively with the help of AI. It is recommended to check them for accuracy and optimization. Outranking uses the “Featured Snippets” setting as a default for all questions.

On-page Optimization

With the meta and description in place, the outline built, and the content ready, Outranking takes you to the editor’s window for SEO optimization. The UI and workings of this screen are similar to that of Grammarly. Except, it is mainly to ensure the content– from title to topic coverage – is SEO-optimized. 

SEO Scoring of On-Page SEO Factors

Outranking uses SEO Score as its metric – much like Grammarly’s Overall Score – but for SEO optimization. It factors information and statistics from the top 20 sites and compares them with your written content to give it an overall SEO score. Anything above 85 is considered good, with the potential to rank high on the SERP results.

Internal Link Suggestions

The powerful AI of Outranking.ai suggests internal linking for pages with semantically related data and information overlap to improve your PageRank organically. The feature not only elevates your current content but has a gradual spiral effect that eventually perpetrates to every page, benefiting the webpage authority.


With the tracking tool, you can track your keywords’ performances. The tracking is real-time and thus a reliable source for your content insight. If a keyword fails to rank, a number of optimization options help you improve the result.


Outranking.ai comes with various integrations, making it exceptionally easy and convenient to move your content from the AI content writing software to another platform. You can connect it with almost any software used by content marketplaces to publish or generate content, including various third-party apps.

For example, if you use Google Docs, you can easily add Outranking to it and, from there, export the content straight to WordPress.

Similarly, a WordPress plugin lets you import and export content to and from your WordPress site.

The writer is also compatible with the Grammarly browser plugin. 

Pros & Cons of Outranking.ai

A summary of Outranking.ai’s review allows quick scanning of the advantages and disadvantages of using the solution.


  • Easy-to-use UI with step-by-step instructions
  • Tons of SEO-focused features
  • Uses popular GPT-3 technology
  • Data-driven is able to run detailed SERP analysis


  • Tons of features – may get overwhelming
  • Search results are not real-time
  • Expensive compared to competitors

Outranking.ai Plans & Pricing

Outranking offers four plans, each targeted for a specific kind of writer, with a set word count available. First-time users get a 7-day Money Back Guarantee.

  • Solo – ideal for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small websites who want to create SEO-optimized content with the help of end-to-end SEO planning and writing.
    • $129 per month
    • 20 SEO documents/projects
    • 250k words
    • 100 Keyword searches + Exploration
  • Pro – perfect for in-house content teams and agencies that write in bulk, optimize existing content, and create SEO strategies.
    • $229 per month
    • 50 SEO documents/projects
    • 500k words
    • 300 Keyword searches + Exploration
    • 100 Rank tracking & optimization briefs
    • Google Search Console
    • 2 users
  • Company – best for large websites, agencies, and medium to large businesses that require lots of content and SEO strategies and depend highly on SERP ranking.
    • $429 per month
    • 100 SEO documents/projects
    • 1M words
    • 1000 Keyword searches + Exploration
    • 200 Rank tracking & optimization briefs
    • Google Search Console integration
    • 5 users
    • Two platform onboarding sessions with an Outranking Expert
  • Enterprise – perfect for large businesses, websites, and agencies creating and optimizing content at scale.
    • $999 per month
    • 200 SEO documents/projects
    • Unlimited words
    • 2000 Keyword searches + Exploration
    • 500 Rank tracking & optimization briefs
    • Google Search Console integration
    • 10 users
    • Two platform onboarding sessions with an Outranking Expert
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Add-on options available

Our Take on Outranking.ai

Outranking.ai is a data-driven AI writing software focusing on SEO and SERP ranking. It is best for solo writers and content teams specializing in long-form SEO content. However, if you are looking for software to create social media marketing and media buying content, skip Outranking for other AI copywriting tools tailored toward those needs.

Outranking beats its competitors on several grounds – from SEO optimization to using the most advanced technology to generate AI content. But mostly, it is the ability to pull an immense amount of data from the internet and use the knowledge to create content that outranks the high-rank pages. It is the AI content writing software to use when your focus is to win at SERP results.

However, while the AI SEO assistant wins at long-form projects, it lacks dedicated tools to help you with smaller ones like social media marketing. The SERP information is also not real-time, sometimes leading to an off-topic response by the AI.

Fortunately, the software is frequently upgraded and shows massive potential to become even better.

In short, while it is an incredible AI writer to create bulk, potentially high-ranking content, it is not about accuracy-checking and focused manual editing.

Outranking.ai uses a straightforward pricing system. It has four plans, each varying in its word count and availability of certain features. The cost starts at $149 and goes up $999. It may be more expensive than its contemporaries. Still, its comprehensive features and tools save money on third-party software you might need with other AI writing assistants.

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