How To Sell on Fiverr [2023]

Whether as a side hustle, or a full-fledged career, you can thrive on Fiverr if you have the right potential and know how to use that potential. Many beginners get confused while starting on Fiverr because the selling process is slightly different than most other freelance marketplaces.

As a level 2 seller on Fiverr, I will guide you on how to sell on Fiverr and how to make the best use of the platform to establish a stable income source. Regardless of your skill, I will provide personal insights and recommendations for you to grow exponentially.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where sellers can sell their services and buyers can purchase those services. That may sound simple but there is a large number of services in different categories. The pricing of these services ranges from $5-$5,000. Fiverr was established in 2010 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

To start selling on Fiverr, sellers need to sign up on the website and create a seller profile. Then, they can offer multiple gigs depending on their seller levels. I will give you a detailed idea of how gigs work and how you can start selling by creating a seller account.

What Is a Gig on Fiverr?

In simple words, a gig is a bundle of services a seller offers. For example, if you have a content writing gig, you should mention what type of writing you will deliver to the buyer. Besides, you can offer three packages for different prices so that buyers can choose from them according to their needs.

For example, if you have a logo design gig, you can offer different deliverables in these packages. The Basic package is for the lowest number of deliverables. Standard and Premium packages offer more than Basic packages and cost more.

How to Sell on Fiverr: A Step-by-Step Guide

From creating an account to publishing your gig, it is a long process. But I will break the process into multiple steps so that you can complete each step and start selling your talent on Fiverr easily. Let’s begin with the account creation.

Step 1: Creating a Seller Account on Fiverr

It will take a few minutes to create a new seller account on Fiverr. Make sure you follow along.

  • Go to You will find the Join button at the top right corner of the screen. Click the Join button and the signup form will pop up.
  • You can continue with your Facebook or Google account, but I suggest using your email address to open the account. Enter your email and click Continue. (Pro Tip: Use an email address that is aligned with your real name. Don’t use emails with a fake name on it. Also, use a trusted email service provider, such as Yahoo or Gmail.)
  • Enter your desired username and password for the account. Again, enter a username that matches with your real name. The password should be at least 8 characters with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. Then, hit the Join button.
  • Once you are inside the account, you will see the Become a Seller button at the top right corner. Click this button and follow the on-screen prompts to continue. Your seller account will now be created. Let’s move on to setting up your seller profile.

Step 2: Setting Up the Seller Profile

It is important to have a professional seller profile completed with authentic information. Take the following actions to complete your seller profile.

  • Start by entering your full name. It should match the name on your photo ID so that you can verify the account easily.
  • Then, upload your profile picture. It should be professional with your face fully visible. (Pro Tip: Keep a warm smile on your face.)
  • Describe your expertise and experience in the Description section. Remember, the description should not exceed 600 characters.
  • Update your skills and language proficiencies.
  • Then, enter your professional information, such as your occupation, career duration, etc.
  • You should also include your educational information and certifications to make your profile more attractive.
  • Connect your social media accounts, such as Google, Facebook, GitHub, etc., to improve authenticity.
  • In the last step, verify your email address and phone number. Check your email inbox for the verification link and click on it. Enter the OTP sent to your phone number to verify the number. Finally, click Continue & Create Your First Gig to finish the profile setup.

Step 3: Creating a Professional Gig

This is the trickiest step because you need to create the gig carefully. Any mistakes in the gig can disqualify your gig during quality checks. Let me tell you the detailed steps.

  • You will see six tabs at the top and you can only proceed to the next tab when you have completed the current tab. In the first tab, you need to enter the gig title. It can have a maximum of 80 characters. So, make it attractive to buyers. (Pro Tip: Use your targeted keywords in the title for better SEO).
  • Choose the right category and sub-category for the services you offer. For example, if you want to provide blog writing services, choose Writing & Translation as the gig category. Then, select Article & Blog Posts as your sub-category.
  • Then comes the search tags. These tags are very important and help buyers find your gig organically. Add up to five search tags. Then, click Save & Continue to go to the next tab. (Pro Tip: Before you create the gig, research well to find out search tags with high search volume.)
  • This section is for the pricing of the gig. You can offer a maximum of three packages. Determine the scopes of the packages so that there is no confusion afterward. Mention the deliverables in each gig package. Once you have filled in all the information, click Save & Continue. (Pro Tip: Offer as many gig extras as possible to generate more revenue.)
  • On the next tab, you need to add a description to your gig. This should be clear and concise so that buyers understand what you are offering and what should they expect from the gig. You have a few styling options to make the gig more attractive. Use highlights or bullet points to draw the attention of buyers. You can also add some FAQs and answer those questions. Then, click Save & Continue. (Pro Tip: Make sure the search tags are strategically placed in the gig description.)
  • The next section is about the requirements. You need to specify what type of information you need to provide the services correctly. For example, if you are creating a logo design gig, you should ask for the preferred color palette, brand theme, or other elements to design the logo properly. Click Save & Continue to go to the next step.
  • In this section, you can upload your gig image, gig video, and your work samples. Choose a unique gig image that reflects your services. You can also use a gig video that is 75 seconds or shorter and less than 50MB. Then, upload some of your work samples to the gig gallery so that buyers can be sure of your credibility. Then, click Save & Continue. (Pro Tip: Adding gig videos may give you better exposure.)
  • This is the final section where you can review all the information you have added so far. If everything is okay, hit the Publish Gig button. This will submit your gig for approval.

Remember, the gig may not appear in search results instantly. Depending on the category, it might take some time for the Fiverr team to review your gig and publish it. Once the gig is published, it will appear on search results. You can also click the My Business tab and select Gigs to see if the gig is active.

Dos and Don’ts on Fiverr

Now that you have a professional gig on Fiverr, you are ready to sell your services. But to succeed in the long run, you must follow some regulations on this platform. Here are a few of them according to my experience as a seasoned seller.


  1. I suggest reading the Fiverr Terms of Service thoroughly. It will provide you with a complete guide on how to manage everything on the platform.
  2. Try to respond to the messages from buyers promptly. This will increase your chance to impress the buyer and win the order.
  3. Keep buyers posted about your project timeline so that they can rely on you.
  4. Go the extra mile to provide value to the buyers. It will help you improve the overall exposure of your gigs.
  5. Create multiple gigs on different sub-categories. But make sure you are skilled in the service you want to sell.
  6. Join Fiverr Forum and be an active member of the community.


  • Never use any fake information on your account.
  • Don’t specifically ask the buyer to give you a positive review. This will cause a ToS violation and your account could get banned.
  • Don’t sell services prohibited by Fiverr.
  • Don’t try to contact the buyer or take any payments outside the platform.


I would like to end the guide here so that the process doesn’t become overwhelming. As long as you are well aware of the regulations on Fiverr and play by the rules, you can achieve the life of your dreams as a freelancer. Make sure you complete each step carefully and maintain a professional demeanor throughout to be a successful seller on Fiverr.

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