What Are Script Fonts? Definition + Top Examples [2024]

If youโ€™ve wanted to add a unique personality to a document or website, youโ€™ve likely considered a script font at some point. While you may not be familiar with the name script, youโ€™re likely able to identify one easily.

What is a script font?

A script font is essentially a font that resembles everyday handwriting. It has varied and fluid strokes. There are two types of script fonts: formal and casual. Formal script fonts are based on the forms of seventeenth and eighteenth-century writers and resemble writing from a quill with fine and thick strokes.

Script fonts are usually used for header tags on the web, or in large print elsewhere. Script fonts arenโ€™t usually used in body text, as that text is typically smaller so sans serif fonts like Arial are usually a better choice (they are easier to read).

The Best Script Fonts for Most Projects

The best script fonts are versatile, meaning they offer multiple styles and weights. This allows you to use a consistent typeface throughout a project. A font license is also important. Most users should make sure they are using script font with an Open Font License (which means they are free to use). All fonts found on Google Fonts use this type of license.

Dancing Script

Dancing Script is a friendly, informal script where the individual letters flow and change size ever so slightly, providing you with a spontaneous, lively look. Capital letters are large and go below the baseline.

Example of the font Dancing Script


Pacifico is a fun handwriting script font that was inspired by the American surf culture of the 1950s. Pacific was designed by Vernon Adams, who has created other well-known fonts like Oxygen Mono, Monda, and Bowlby One.

Pacifico is a popular script typeface.

Kaushan Script

Kaushan Script is an unrefined font that carries a lot of energy! By avoiding perfection with varied angles and baseline positioning, this font can bring a natural feel to your project.

Kaushan Script has varied angles and baseline position.


Kalam is a wonderful typeface that has been optimized for text usage on screen, even though it is derived from handwriting. Kalam feels fresh wherever it’s seen – from screen to print. Kalam is offered natively in three different weights – light, regular, and bold.

Example of the Kalam font

Rock Salt

Rock Salt is another font derived from handwriting. It was hand-crafted with felt-tip markers which means it can provide a personal look for your project. 

Rock Salt is derived from handwriting.

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