Swipe Pages Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Swipe Pages is a user-friendly landing page builder with tons of useful features to create beautiful landing pages. Swipe Pages has a drag-and-drop landing page builder that lets all levels of users navigate through all the various design elements. In fact, you can incorporate over 25 different elements, and they offer 40+ templates to get started. From easy customization to effortless hosting, Swipe Pages comes with everything you might need, but this tool has some drawbacks too. In our review, we will discuss its features, advantages, drawbacks, and pricing plans. Let’s get started.

Top Features of Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages has quite a few features, but we highlighted the top ones here.

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Unlike the drag-and-drop page builders on many other tools, the editor here is very minimal and easy to handle. You get all the necessary elements on the side and bring them on the canvas right away. The essential tools are organized neatly so that any beginner with no experience with this tool can also make landing pages quickly.

Multiple Page Elements

As we have said in the beginning, you get more than 25 elements to adorn your landing pages. Forms, carousels, and even pricing tables are available to make your landing pages more attractive. No code is required to use these elements and you can customize them as per your needs. Other elements like countdown timers or galleries can also be added to landing pages.

Responsive Breakpoints

Creating a responsive landing page is crucial to grab the attention of visitors regardless of what device they are using. With Swipe Pages, the landing pages are highly responsive on all devices. Your page can have multiple breakpoints so that even mobile users don’t miss any element.

Duplicate Pages

If one of your landing pages is performing excellently, you might want to clone it for other campaigns. In such cases, you need to click just once to duplicate your whole page. 

Various Tables

Whether you provide information or show the pricing plans, tables are handy on landing pages. Swipe Pages lets you use different types of tables to present your information as neatly as possible. As information is easily extractable for visitors, this element is very effective in boosting conversion. 

Duplicate Styles and Elements

This feature is beneficial when you don’t want to duplicate your whole page, but want elements to be on a new page. You can also apply the same style to elements on different pages to maintain brand consistency; this would be better if users could target elements on different pages and use a style for all those elements at once.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Clicking multiple options back and forth is a sheer loss of time. Swipe Pages has different keyboard shortcuts so that you can perform common actions swiftly. Undoing and redoing your actions is also possible on the platform.

Device Visibility

If you don’t want to make all elements visible on all devices, simply hide that element for a specific device; this might be helpful to provide a better experience to visitors.

Decent Templates

Swipe Pages has more than 40 templates designed by expert professionals to increase conversion rates. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can choose any of these templates and customize them to make the landing page of your choice. The collection should have more templates in different categories.

Pre-built Blocks

Another good thing about Swipe Pages is its building blocks. These pre-built blocks contain different elements you might need together. As a result, the time required to build a landing page becomes much shorter.

Google Fonts

Using the right font is crucial to depict your brand. You have more than 1,000 Google fonts on this platform to use in your landing pages to make them stand out. Multiple typography settings are also available to customize the fonts for different screen sizes.

Design Customization

From the color theme of your page to the font size, you need to have control over even the smallest element on the landing page. Swipe Pages offers decent customization to align your landing pages with your brand identity. Consistency helps you draw attention to visitors easily.

Unsplash Images

Unsplash is one of the most popular sites for copyright-free stock images. This resource is incorporated directly into Swipe Pages! This means you can easily access over one million stock images to use on your page.

Icon Library

Icons make landing pages look modern and a lot cleaner, but the icons should be consistent with your brand identity. With Swipe Pages, you don’t need to worry about searching for matching icon packs online. Swipe Pages has a vast library of icons, with more than 8,000 icons. Searching for a suitable kit by using keywords should be available.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is a popular method of adding depth to your landing pages. The foreground moves a bit faster than the background to distinguish the sections and create an immersive experience. Though it’s a common feature of almost all landing page builders, the feature worked really fast here.

Video Background

Adding images to your landing pages is too mainstream. Instead, you can use videos as the background of your landing page and grab the attention of visitors right away. Uploading large videos might be an issue sometimes.

Lightbox Support

Putting all texts and images on the landing page at once may seem cluttered. Lightboxes help show the correct text or image at the right time. You can use triggered lightboxes on Swipe Pages, and visitors will only see specific texts or images based on their actions. Pretty cool!

Custom Domain and Free SSL

Keeping your landing page URL aligned with your brand is crucial to building trust and credibility. Swipe Pages lets you publish landing pages to your domain. Plus, this tool uses SSL encryption to keep your data safe. The speed and reliability of landing pages are also notable, thanks to its powerful cloud servers.

A/B Testing

Split testing is one of the most essential steps in the whole process. You need to figure out which version of the landing page converts better. Running A/B tests is so easy on the platform, and the built-in analytics give detailed reports, but the performance metrics should be improved to understand the situation better.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Dynamic Text Replacement is an essential feature of any advanced landing page builder. Often, making an attractive landing page isn’t enough. You need to replace the text on the landing page based on the user’s query. That is possible with dynamic text replacement.

Integrations and Analytics

Swipe Pages offers an impressive list of integrations including Zapier, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, Zoho, ConvertKit, and more. You can improve your workflow using these integrations. Checking the performance of your landing pages is also easy. Integrations like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel improve the experience.

Pros & Cons of Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages is a solid tool, but it has its pros and cons.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Drag-and-drop landing page builder is easy to use
  • A massive collection of stock images and icon kits
  • All aspects of a landing page can be handled with the tool
  • Creating advanced designs using scripts is possible
  • Landing pages are highly responsive on all devices


  • The collection of templates is lower than many popular alternatives
  • Edits might take some time to implement sometimes
  • The number of native integrations should be increased

Swipe Pages Plans & Pricing

The pricing plans of the platform are straightforward. You have three plans, and here is a sneak peek of them.

  • Startup – starting at $39/mo
    • Unlimited conversions
    • 1 custom domain
    • Up to 20,000 traffic
    • Unlimited landing pages
  • Marketer – starting at $89/mo
    • Unlimited conversions
    • 5 custom domains
    • Up to 50,000 traffic
    • Unlimited landing pages
  • Agency – starting at $199/mo
    • Unlimited conversions
    • Unlimited custom domains
    • Up to 500,000 traffic
    • Unlimited landing pages

Our Take on Swipe Easy

Swipe Pages is an advanced landing page builder with an impressive set of features, including a drag-and-drop builder that is very easy to use. You can edit elements with a few clicks, and there are more than 25 elements to work with. Tables are one of those elements and can be used to build unique landing pages for higher conversion. Though the number of templates is lower than many other landing page builders, the quality of templates is decent. You can customize the templates, but the customizability isn’t what we desired. Using stock images, icons, etc., from resource libraries makes the process much easier, and Swipe Pages have several integrations to improve your efficiency. Webhooks are also available to connect your landing pages to different tools. We liked the responsiveness of the landing pages across all devices. Pricing is more affordable than its competitors. The lowest pricing plan starts from $39 per month and goes up to $199 per month.