Vyond Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Vyond is a video creation tool that lets users create engaging videos quickly online. They include easy-to-use templates within the platform with the ability to go beyond by importing your own video assets. Vyond makes it effortless to iterate your projects until they meet your vision so you’re not limited to outdated “cartoony” videos like other whiteboard animation software. Vyond also includes an impressive text-to-speech tool, which makes it much easier to create voiceovers for your videos. With that said, not all aspects of the tool may meet your needs. So, let’s explore the features, pros, cons, and pricing in our review of Vyond.

Top Features of Vyond

In our review, we’re covering the top features of Vyond to give you a clear idea of how this tool can help with video creation.

Slide Design

Be it a whiteboard animation or your business presentation, Vyond has all the necessary tools to make these videos look great. You can implement multiple animations and transitions to bring life to the characters in your videos. Icons and other props can also be animated using these tools.

Presenter Tools

When you create slides to present your idea or explain something, Vyond allows you to use presenter tools for the best experience. And the same goes for the audience. From voiceover narration to viewing notes or annotations, you can take your presentations to the next level using these tools.

Useful Charts

Charts are great for giving a visual explanation of your ideas. You get multiple types of charts and graphs in Vyond to make your videos more factual and engaging. You can also edit these charts so that they blend well with the video theme and fit your brand voice.

Template Library

Creating animation videos or presentations from the ground up is time-consuming. To overcome that hurdle, you have a rich library of pre-built templates to use in your videos. These templates cover a wide variety of topics, so you can quickly implement them in your videos.

Template Creator

Besides using the existing templates, you can create your own templates for future use. For example, if you customize an existing template and want to save the progress as a new template, that is possible here. You can also create templates from scratch according to your requirements and save them on the cloud.

Auto Save

This option is very beneficial to protect you from losing your progress. When you are working in the Vyond studio, each step of your progress is automatically saved to the cloud. So, you can leave a project as it is and come back later to work on it.

File Sharing

While working on various projects, you can share multiple types of files with your teammates. Vyond lets you upload your files to the cloud and share them with anyone you want. Invited users can easily access those files, which is a great feature for sharing resources for videos.

Scheduling Content

The schedule may be cluttered if you work with a lot of video content. You can use editorial calendars to schedule your content and collaborate with other users to avoid mistakes. Invited users can access these calendars to take part in the progress. And the tool will automatically publish your videos according to the schedule.

Audio Mixing

Getting the audio right in any video is crucial. Otherwise, you could easily lose the desired engagement. Vyond allows you to add audio clips to videos and edit them as required to make the videos sound excellent. These audio clips can be sourced from the media library within the platform, or you can import external audio files to use in your videos. You can also record audio from your devices directly.


Adding audio becomes much easier when you have AI to back you with text-to-speech. This tool creates audio from texts, so you don’t need to hire anyone for voiceovers. The process is also much faster than recording your own voiceovers.

Create Transcripts

Contrary to the above feature, you have a speech-to-text tool to generate video transcripts. So, you can easily use captions from these transcripts. And the videos will be more suitable for the audience with challenged abilities.

Automatic Lip-Sync

To make your videos more realistic and engaging, you can make the characters sync their lips with the voiceover. Once you have the voiceovers ready, you can assign your desired character to speak them, and the lip-sync is done by AI to deliver the best experience. Though there might be slight issues with the lip-sync, we expect it to be perfect over time.

Text Animation

If your video is highly dependent on text items, formatting and animating them properly is the key to holding the engagement. Vyond offers you a multitude of text animations to play with colors, sizes, etc., and create a brand tone of your own for all videos. Besides, you can apply special effects to texts to make your videos look more appealing.

Time Mapping

To bring some interaction to your videos, you can use time mapping that allows the audience to select the speed of the videos according to their likings. For example, they can slow the videos down or speed them up to consume information in whatever fashion they see fit. They can even play the videos in reverse to have some fun.

Video Editing

Editing video clips is the most tiresome work in the video creation process. That becomes easier with the intuitive tools available in Vyond. It lets you trim or resize your videos easily. From slicing clips to scale videos for different platforms, everything is smooth here. The editing timeline could be better, though.

Speech Enhancement

Removing the background noise to make your voice sound crystal clear whenever you record a voiceover is a big challenge. But that is no more a big deal when you have Vyond. The AI lets you power up your voice by automatically trimming the background noise, so you can produce high-quality audio faster.

Visual Content Search

Scrolling through the media library to find suitable props is very tiring and time-consuming. You can use the visual content search feature to find out relevant props. You just need to upload an image, and the AI tool will select the right props for your needs.

Automatic Background Removal

After uploading any image, you can use the AI tool to remove the background automatically. And then, you can use the image in your videos. With the overlay option, you can directly add images to your videos without any issues.

Color Picker

If you already have an image of your favorite colors or brand colors, you can upload that image to Vyond and use the color picker tool to select those colors for your videos. It makes the whole process simpler and faster, so your video creation speed will skyrocket.

Pros & Cons of Vyond

Not everything about Vyond is great. Here is the list of excellent and not-so-excellent things about Vyond.


  • Rich template library with images, props, graphs, and charts
  • Text-to-speech tool for easy voiceovers
  • Flexible customizability of existing templates
  • Creating new templates and saving them on the cloud
  • Multiple animation and transition tools
  • Easy to change characters and scenes
  • Helpful video tutorials to teach beginners
  • The User-friendly interface is clean and minimal


  • The project timeline should be improved for a better view
  • Voiceovers made with the tool are a bit robotic
  • 3D characters should be available in the tool

Vyond Plans & Pricing

Vyond offers four pricing plans. Here’s a breakdown of each:

  • Essential – starting at $25/mo
    • Export MP4 videos in 720p
    • Upload SVG files
    • Vyond watermarks on videos
    • Color changeable props
  • Premium – starting at $54/mo
    • 1080p videos
    • SVG upload
    • Animated GIF export
    • Customize aspect ratios
  • Professional – starting at $92/mo
    • Shared libraries
    • User management panel
    • Video collaboration
    • Export MP4 videos in 1080p
  • Enterprise – ask for a quote
    • Export animated GIFs in an 8-second loop
    • Optimize recorded speech
    • Quickly translate all text in your video
    • Export and import text

Our Take on Vyond

As you can see, Vyond is a video creation tool that offers plenty of features to create versatile videos. From presentation slides to business ideas, you can make a variety of videos using the tools available on the platform. The template library houses a lot of necessary templates designed by industry experts, and they make the video-making process much faster. When working with your own resources, you can save projects as templates to use in the future. Vyond has multiple animation tools to make the texts or other props in the videos as attractive as possible. You have a lot of text editing options to stick to your brand tone. A collection of AI tools can generate voiceovers, and transcriptions to make the process more efficient. However, it had some minor drawbacks with the voiceovers and video editing timeline. Its pricing starts from $25 per month, but we don’t think you will discover the full potential until you subscribe to the Premium plan.