Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard Animation, more commonly known as a doodle, is a software that creates videos of content getting illustrated on a traditional whiteboard or a similar background. A narration also goes hand in hand with the illustration to tell a story or explain something. Whiteboard animation software also makes it easier to engage the target audience with the simple and fun characteristics of these videos.

Businesses usually use eye-catching whiteboard animation videos to grab the attention of their target audience. A lot of things can be portrayed through short doodle videos.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard animation software has multiple advantages. Check some of the most impactful benefits of whiteboard animation software for businesses.

Explaining Complex Topics in an Interesting Way

Whiteboard animation videos are a good fit for any business because they can be used to explain complex topics with more fun. Dry topics may get boring if presented in the traditional way. In whiteboard animation videos, various elements can be used to bring humor to the subject and break down complex topics into simpler ones. So, these videos are more engaging for all levels of the audience.

Visual Storytelling Is More Effective

Instead of using the old storytelling format, whiteboard animation software uses visual elements. And it has been found in various studies that information retention increases when we see such visuals. You may have also experienced that we find it more interesting to do something when we see someone else doing the same rather than someone telling us to do that.

So, seeing someone doing something in these videos releases more dopamine after each image is drawn. And this is what leads us to the end of the video.

These Videos Are Versatile

You can use whiteboard animation videos for any campaign, regardless of your business. Be it a software or real estate business, a whiteboard animation video well suits everyoneโ€™s needs. With some creativity, whiteboard animation videos can always be unique to leave a sustainable impact on the audience.

It Helps You in Branding

Though many businesses use whiteboard animation videos, you have endless options to customize your videos and create a unique brand tone. You can do that by manipulating words, characters, shapes, and images. Once you have found the right elements to express your brand, the audience gets used to the tonality, and they quickly recognize these videos in the future.

Whiteboard Animation Has a Higher Information Density

Traditional videos often get lengthy to explain something. For example, if you are making a video about how to use the features of the software, it might take quite some time. And in this world of distractions, longer videos are losing their popularity.

Whiteboard animation videos let you create compact but info-dense content the audience can consume in a short period. As a result, the chance of getting distracted is much lower in this case. You can tell a lot of things in a short time through whiteboard animation videos.

Suitable for Social Media

Most businesses now do their marketing on social media. And these short videos are just perfect for grabbing the attention of a massive audience on various social media channels. As people tend to focus more on fun things than serious topics on social media, whiteboard animation videos can quickly turn their heads to something unique and engaging. Social sharing is also an essential part of the process.

It Can Be Used for Multiple Purposes

Whiteboard animation videos arenโ€™t just for marketing. A very good use of whiteboard animation videos can be in various training programs. You can even pitch your ideas to businesses using these videos. If you present an analytical report, doodle videos can be helpful there too. Uploading these videos to websites can make users stick there and find answers to their questions from these videos.

Making These Videos Are Cost-Effective

Where it costs a lot of money to create traditional videos, whiteboard animation videos cost a fraction of that. And you wonโ€™t need multiple expertise to make such videos. Whiteboard animation software does most of the work and lets you customize the videos as much as you want.

How Does Whiteboard Animation Software Work?

Once you have the script ready, whiteboard animation software allows you to pick from various backgrounds that match your storytelling style. You have multiple options for characters, colors, fonts, illustration style, etc. After choosing the animation style, the software handles the rest.

Voiceover is a big part of the process. You can add external voiceovers to complete these videos, or the software itself can generate voiceovers using AI when you provide the script.

The software usually has options to customize various elements in the video. To simplify the process, we have created a list of how this software works.

  • Choose a background, characters, elements, fonts, and colors.
  • Create animations using various tools.
  • Add pre-made voiceovers or generate voiceovers using the software.

What Features Should I Look for in Whiteboard Animation Software?

Before choosing whiteboard animation software, you need to look for the following features.

  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface: If you are starting with whiteboard animation software, the interface should be simple and intuitive so that you can perform various operations without much technical knowledge. It will help you create engaging videos faster.
  • Rich Collection of Templates: These professionally designed templates are beneficial for making videos efficiently. The software you choose should have a wide variety of templates so that you can turn any topic into videos.
  • Multiple Export Options: Once the video is created, you might need to export it in various formats for different channels. So, the right software should have multiple export options to meet your needs.
  • Voiceover Generator: Modern software uses AI to create a voiceover for your videos. So, you donโ€™t need to hire voiceover artists for an additional cost. This is a must-have feature for good whiteboard animation software.
  • Flexible Pricing: Some software may have an export limit, which becomes an issue when you create a lot of videos. So, have a clear idea of pricing plans to avoid hassle later.

How Much Does Whiteboard Animation Software Cost?

If you create a small number of videos, whiteboard animation software can cost anywhere between $12 and $30 per month. Depending on the number of videos and features, the cost can rise up to $60 per month. Some software may offer a lifetime deal at a discounted price.