Animaker Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Animaker is a whiteboard animation tool that lets users create stunning animated videos using pre-built templates and characters. Users can customize characters using the character builder tool and enhance facial expressions to make the videos as engaging as possible. The tool also has an auto lip-sync feature that makes videos more realistic. With Smart Move, users can create complex animations very quickly. Animaker also helps with voiceovers and subtitles to make your videos stand out. But there are some drawbacks too. This review will give a detailed description of its features, pros, cons, and pricing plans. Stick to it till the end.

Top Features of Animaker

We’ve highlighted some of the top features Animaker has to offer. Here’s a quick overview:

Professionally Designed Video Templates

Arranging the background of the video is one of the most complex parts while making whiteboard animation videos. But Animaker solves that problem with hundreds of pre-built templates. Industry experts design these templates, so you can create stunning animated videos using these templates.

On top of that, Animaker offers complete customizability. So you can modify the templates according to your needs. This will help you be consistent with the brand identity. And the video-making process becomes much faster, thanks to the rich template collection. Selecting templates and customizing them before publishing is way faster than creating everything from scratch.

Unique Character Builder

Everyone might think of a different character while making whiteboard animation videos. Animaker allows you to create unique characters by customizing every possible attribute. The tool has more than 15 facial features with 10+ accessory slots.

So, you can rearrange them in various combinations to portray the character of your dream. The collection seemed to be a bit low, in our opinion. Because more facial features and slots would give us a higher number of combinations while making characters, it is something Animaker needs to improve to make the characters stand out.

Extensive Facial Expressions

Creating characters isnโ€™t just enough for attractive videos. These characters should have the necessary expressions relevant to the video topic so that the audience can relate to the videos better. To do this, Animaker offers more than 20 facial expressions. You can use these expressions to spice up the videos.

The collection of facial expressions is decent, but it would be better to have more expressions up the sleeves. And these expressions should include more attributes so that they donโ€™t seem forced. For example, the eye and lip movement should be more in rhythm with these expressions.

Auto Lip-Sync

Animating the lips of your character is a big task while creating whiteboard animation videos. And matching the voiceover is quite challenging when you do it manually. Animaker has an auto lip-sync feature so that characters can adapt to the voiceover and synchronizes their lip movement accordingly. It makes the videos look more natural.

The production time reduces significantly with this feature. Plus, you donโ€™t need to manually check every moment before publishing the video. But we want to see more movement patterns to improve the feature.

Smart Move

Animating various objects and characters is arguably the most complex part of making whiteboard animation videos. It takes a lot of time to animate characters to make them move. But Animaker has a smarter solution called the Smart Move. This feature lets you animate moving objects with a few clicks.

The whole process is controlled automatically, so you can save almost 80% of your time. It reduces production time to a great extent. With this feature, you can focus more on the script, storytelling format, and characters than on making objects move as you want.

4K Video Quality

Maintaining video production quality is of utmost importance because the audience needs the best. With Animaker, you can edit your 4K videos to improve the overall production quality. Large files can easily be uploaded to the platform.

And working with such files doesnโ€™t seem to lag. Though there is a size limit depending on your pricing plan, the upload quality is good enough to make stunning videos.

Video Subtitles and Overlay

Writing subtitles separately and adding them to your videos is time-consuming. You can instead use Animaker to generate subtitles for your videos automatically. This makes the videos more suitable for people with special needs. And the required time to produce videos becomes shorter with this feature.

Another good feature of the tool is video overlay. With this feature, you can add multiple elements to videos, such as images, text, etc., to make them stand out. Whether you use the asset library or upload your own resources, the process is simple and effective.

Access To 100 million+ Stock Assets

Animaker claims to have the largest asset library in the world for making whiteboard animation videos. From backgrounds to characters, from texts to GIFs, this library has everything you need to make videos on any topics coming to your mind.

The tool even offers integrations with platforms like Getty or Giphy to find the right resources for your videos. The search option should be improved so that users can easily find the desired resources.

Royalty-Free Music

Tracks and sound effects are essential to bringing videos to life. Fortunately, you can access hundreds of tracks in your videos. The music library also offers tons of sound effects to make unique videos. All these resources are royalty-free, so you can use them for commercial purposes without any problem.

And these resources are categorized so that you can find the right music track or sound effect for any of your videos. Adding more tracks and effects to the library would be great.

Voice Recording and Animaker Voice

Thanks to the voice recording feature, you can use your own voice in the videos. Once you record the voice, it will be ready to use in your videos. This can be a great way to give some personal touch to your videos. But if you donโ€™t want to do that, Animaker offers its text-to-speech software to generate voiceovers for you.

Once you provide the script, the tool can generate voiceovers in more than 50 voices. All these voices sound like humans. And the tool supports more than 25 languages, so making videos for a broad group of audience is a breeze.

Multi-User Collaboration

If you have a large production team, collaborating with your teammates is very easy with Animaker. Its multi-user collaboration feature lets you create and customize ideas without saving them in different versions.

100+ Social Channels

Once the videos are ready to publish, you can directly export them to more than 100 social channels from Animaker. And if you need to resize videos for various platforms, that can be done with just one click.

Highly Secure

The tool is based on a powerful HTML5 engine. Everything is protected by SSL encryption, so your information is safe on the platform. It also uses two-factor authentication to improve account safety.

Pros & Cons of Animaker

Animaker is a solid tool for creating animated videos, but there are a few drawbacks.


  • The interface is clean and intuitive to help anyone make animation videos
  • Its asset collection is one of the best available out there
  • Easy customizability of various attributes to create unique videos
  • Text-to-speech software for generating voiceovers easily
  • Upload large files and edit 4K videos
  • Smart Move handles complex animations with a few clicks


  • The software only runs on browsers (it would be cool to have an offline app)
  • There should be different layers in the timeline
  • More flexibility is required in terms of editing uploaded videos

Animaker Plans & Pricing

Animaker offers a free plan which is great to test out its features – it lets you download five videos per month at HD quality. For longer videos, and higher-quality exports, you’ll need one of their paid plans:

  • Basic โ€“ starting at $10/mo
    • 5 mins video length
    • 5 premium downloads per month
    • HD quality videos
    • Build 5 custom characters per month
  • Starter โ€“ starting at $19/mo
    • 15 mins video length
    • 10 premium downloads per month
    • Full HD quality videos
    • Build 15 custom characters per month
  • Pro โ€“ starting at $49/mo
    • 30 mins video length
    • 30 premium downloads per month
    • 2K quality videos
    • Build 30 custom characters per month
  • Enterprise โ€“ ask for a quote
    • Unlimited premium downloads
    • Unlimited GIF downloads
    • 4K quality videos
    • 60 tracks per month

Our Take on Animaker

To conclude our review of Animaker, letโ€™s recap the features and benefits. Animaker offers a rich collection of assets to make stunning videos on the fly. You can access tons of images, GIFs, and other resources that you use directly or customize according to your needs. Animaker has multiple tools to customize characters to match your brand voice or video topics. Generating voiceovers for the videos is easy and fast with the built-in tool. You can even upload 4K videos and edit them within the tool to make high-quality videos. The production process is quite fast. But the tool only runs in browsers, so you need to have a good internet connection to run the tool. And video editing options are pretty limited. It has a free plan with limited features. The Basic plan starts at $10 per month, but we suggest you upgrade to higher plans to enjoy all the features.