Wufoo Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Wufoo is a digital form builder that lets you create captivating forms and efficiently collect necessary data from users. Wufoo has a collection of more than 400 templates to build engaging forms for your website. Whether you pick an existing template or create your forms from scratch, the drag-and-drop form builder comes in handy. Wufoo even offers a theme designer and custom branding options. Besides collecting data, you can accept payments through Wufoo forms. But not all features of Wufoo might impress you. We’ll cover the top features of Wufoo, pros & cons, and highlight pricing in our review. Let’s dive in!

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Top Features of Wufoo

From building and customizing forms to automating workflows, Wufoo has so many features to mention. Here is a detailed overview of its features; take a closer look.

Online Form Building and Customization

Wufoo offers all the necessary features to build engaging forms and customize them according to your needs. Let’s start with its intuitive form builder.

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

Online form builder tools usually have a drag-and-drop editor to manipulate the form elements without any coding skills. Wufoo has such a form builder, but the interface seems dated. You can click on various form fields to make them appear on the form builder, but they have a specific span and moving the elements freely is tricky.

When you have multiple elements on the form builder, positioning the elements can go wrong sometimes. The buttons on the form builder are pretty small, so you need to work with them carefully. Though it has all the options to set up the form fields, other form builder tools offer a much more intuitive editor.

Template Library

While creating a form, you get a prompt to start from scratch or use a template. If you choose the second option, you can access a library of more than 400 templates to use in your forms. The form generation process becomes much faster with these templates, but not all templates might fit your needs or choices.

With that in mind, you have some customization options to make your forms look better, but the customization options aren’t as flexible as most other online form builder tools.

Theme Builder

Readymade themes are available on Wufoo to keep your forms consistent. You can choose from these themes or make your own themes for future use. Once you create a theme and save it in the gallery, you can repeatedly use the theme to maintain a professional look on your forms.

This feature might not be available on all online form builder tools. Building a theme might require a lot of your time and effort, and it can be a bit difficult for new users.

Custom Branding

Instead of creating generic forms, you can put your brand elements into forms to make them look more professional and trustworthy. You have the custom branding option here to upload all the necessary branding elements to your forms. 

Though the option might not be available on the free plan, you can benefit from it on high-tier plans. 

Branching and Conditional Logic

Using conditional logic enables you to go deeper into a user and extract more information about your intent. This is usually done by setting up multiple sets of questions that are related to each other. Users can or can’t see questions based on their responses to previous questions.

You can also use branching to set up various rules to improve the user experience. These rules can personalize the forms to a great extent to intrigue the user in providing more detailed information. 

Multiple Payment Gateways

This feature is highly beneficial if you are selling a product or service. Wufoo has integrations with multiple payment providers, so you can accept payment through your forms. You just need to connect the form to the payment gateway; the rest is simple.

Accepting payments isn’t possible on the free plan. We don’t see that as a drawback because you can still use the feature on paid subscriptions.

File Uploads

Besides submitting data in text form, users should be able to upload files in different formats. Wufoo allows you to include file fields on your forms so that users can upload files from their devices or cloud storage. Once you receive the responses, you can manage these files on the cloud without any fuss.

The file management system seems solid here, but a few tweaks regarding file sharing or extraction would be a significant improvement.

Data Export

Once you have the data you need, you can choose to export the data to other platforms. For example, you can export your data to a spreadsheet and start working there. Data analysis becomes much more convenient with this feature.

Workflow Automation

The data collection process should seamlessly synchronize with the rest of your workflow. Wufoo does an excellent job of automating your workflow through a bunch of useful features. Here is a quick overview.

Multiple Integrations

The collected data would be useless if you didn’t connect your forms to other tools. In Wufoo, you have a lot of native integrations to feed your data into and make the best use of the data. From Zapier to Campaign Monitor, Wufoo has many essential integrations you might desire. If your desired integration isn’t available, you have the REST API to make one.

Real-Time Notifications

Once someone submits a form, you will automatically receive a notification regarding the submission. As a result, you can take prompt actions to process that data and speed up your workflow. Wufoo supports text and email notifications, so you will never miss an update about form submissions.

Mobile App

The Wufoo mobile app is beneficial in creating forms on the go. Though using advanced features on mobile devices can be a bit overwhelming, you can still create attractive forms and access form data. The mobile app should be improved to have a clutter-free interface for all levels of users.

Analytics and Reporting

Having all the data under your radar is so important. So, online form builder tools should have powerful analytics features. Wufoo has some notable analytics features with custom reporting. You can choose built-in reports or customize them to match your liking.


Data security is a significant factor in choosing an online form builder tool. Wufoo has the following security features that might convince you.

  • 256-Bit SSL Encryption – Wufoo uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the data submitted by users on your forms. As a result, no one can intercept the data midway, and the data is stored in a SOC 2, Type II data center.
  • Smart CAPTCHA – Getting invalid responses through forms is so frustrating. To prevent this from happening, Wufoo has smart CAPTCHA that deters spammers and bots. So, you only receive the valid information from users. 

Pros & Cons of Wufoo

Wufoo boasts some powerful features to make engaging online forms, but it has some drawbacks too. Here is a list of its key benefits and disadvantages.


  • Form fields can be added with a simple click
  • Wufoo has 400+ templates in the library to create multiple types of forms
  • You can build your own themes to make consistent forms
  • Custom branding lets you make your forms more professional
  • Branching is helpful for creating user-friendly forms


  • The interface feels dated, buttons are small
  • Customer support isn’t that great compared to other platforms

Wufoo Plans & Pricing

Wufoo offers five pricing plans, but one of them is free. Let’s see what these plans have to offer.

  • Free – starting at $0/mo
    • 5 forms per month
    • 100 entries per month
    • Unlimited reports
    • 100 API requests
  • Starter – starting at $19/mo
    • 10 forms per month
    • 1,000 entries per month
    • 1 user per account
    • 10,000 API requests
  • Professional – starting at $39/mo
    • Unlimited forms per month
    • 5,000 entries per month
    • 3 users
    • 25,000 API requests
  • Advanced – starting at $99/mo
    • Unlimited forms per month
    • 25,000 entries 
    • 5 users
    • 50,000 API requests
  • Ultimate – starting at $249/mo
    • Unlimited forms
    • 200,000 entries
    • 10 users
    • 100,000 API requests

Our Take on Wufoo

The first look of Wufoo might frustrate you a bit because the interface isn’t that modern. But Wufoo is a very effective online form builder tool with all the necessary features. Wufoo has a decent library of templates to choose from. So, you can make forms much faster than creating them from scratch. If you want, you can create them from scratch as well. You can also design your own themes to captivate users. From using multiple form fields to conditional logic, Wufoo lets you set up forms for the best response possible.​​ The customization features aren’t as good as you might get on other online form builder tools. Wufoo has a free plan with limited features, which you can use to test the features. If you are satisfied with the features, the pricing starts from $19 per month, but you should really upgrade to high-tier plans to get the most out of the tool.