Jotform Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Jotform is an online form builder that allows you to create impressive digital forms, with automated functionality. Jotform offers a drag-and-drop form builder to intuitively drag various elements to the form and create stunning layouts for better engagement. Besides designing various forms and embedding them, you can use conditional logic to develop multiple sets of related questions to collect precise information from visitors. But does the software have all the features you need? Or how does it perform? We tried to find answers to these questions in our review. Plus, we will explore its pros, cons, and pricing plans. Letโ€™s dive in!

Top Features of Jotform

Jotform is equipped with some of the most advanced features an online form builder tool can possibly have. Here is a detailed overview of the features.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

The user interface of the form builder is modern and intuitive. On the left side of the editor, you get a bar with all the different elements you can add to your forms, and you can simply drag each element to the form. After that, you just need to set up the element the way it should appear on the form.

Conditional Logic

Once you go to the Settings tab, the conditional logic option is third on the left sidebar. You can use this feature to relate questions with one another and set the logic. For example, the system will show or hide a new question depending on whether the user answers or not a specific question.

Save and Continue Later

In most cases, users lose progress if they leave their form before submission., but Jotform allows them to save the progress and come back later. As a result, you can retrieve a lot of information that would have been lost otherwise.

Form Translation

Under the Settings tab, you find Form Settings first on the sidebar. This allows you to set up your preferred language for filling out forms. As a result, you are no longer limited to getting responses from a specific audience. Users can fill out the form in their preferred language when you set it up.

ACH Payments

You might think forms are only for collecting data, but Jotform can make you forms that can be used for collecting payments as well. You can make ACH payment forms to guide users to pay through the form. Simply select the preferred payment gateway from the payments option in the form builder and set it up.

Conversational Forms

Instead of overwhelming users with an array of questions on the same page, you can scatter them into multiple pages. So, the user will see only one question on a page and can move forward after answering that question. Jotform works excellently to retain engagement.

Offline Forms

Collecting data is effortless with Jotform, even when there is no internet. You can deploy offline forms on the mobile app, and all responses are saved locally. Once the device is connected to the internet, the data is automatically synced to specific accounts. You can also use the kiosk mode to collect data offline.

Google Analytics Form Tracking

Analyzing data gathered with these forms is crucial. You can connect your forms with Google Analytics and Tag Manager to analyze all submissions efficiently. 

Custom CSS

Jotform doesnโ€™t require any coding to design attractive forms, but if you have coding skills and find the built-in forms not up to par , you can write CSS codes to customize the forms according to your needs. With custom CSS, you can customize fields and widgets on your form to give it a complete makeover.

Embedding Forms

No matter how much you customize a form, Jotform can easily be embedded on your websites. You can simply copy the code and paste it on your website to make the form appear on the website.

Answer Piping

Jotform makes filling out forms easier for users. With conditional logic, you can instruct the form to pick answers from previous fields and paste them into where necessary. Though setting up the pipe may be a bit complex for new users, it actually makes the user experience better.

Google reCAPTCHA and Email Validation

These features help you keep from hackers or spammers and collect information from valid users. Enabling these features will make sure a user is providing the correct information.

Recurring Subscription and Donations

Be it a subscription or a donation; you can set up recurring payments with Jotform. When you create a form, you have the option to choose the ACH payment gateway under the payments option. You can then select the type of payment so users can quickly pay for subscriptions or donations.

Collect Electronic Signatures

You might have already heard about e-signature tools. With Jotform, you can collect electronic signatures on forms that are legally binding. Be it an acknowledgment form or some kind of contract form, collecting electronic signatures has just been made easier.

Autoresponder Emails

Once users fill out a form and submit it, they will get automated emails containing their responses. Plus, you will also get an automatic notification when someone fills out a form.

Form Templates

Jotform offers more than 10,000 free templates for creating online forms. So you never need to start building the form from scratch. Experienced professionals designed these templates, and you will find templates for various types of forms. From registration forms to order forms, a wide variety of templates will make the job much easier for you.

Hide Form Fields

You can show or hide any form fields you want to keep your online forms neat. Simply use the conditional logic option to hide any field from the form. You can also choose to hide fields depending on the responses of the users.

Project Management and CRM Integrations

Jotform offers plenty of integrations to improve your workflow automation. For example, you can integrate CRM tools into the platform to easily manage your contacts. Project management tools can also be integrated here. The number of supported tools is limited, but they are good enough to meet your needs.

Email Marketing Tools

Under the Integrations option, you can also add email marketing tools to your Jotform account. By reaching out to users with welcome emails or notifying them about payments, everything becomes more convenient with these tools.

Form and Submission Sharing

When you are working in a large team, sharing forms and submitted data with your teammates is a must. Jotform allows you to share forms and submissions with your teammates easily. You can send invitation links to them or simply input their emails.

Visual Report Builder

Form analytics is a big part of the process, and you need to have a visual understanding of the analytics. Jotform creates visual reports from submissions so that you can easily consume the submissions and understand the data flow better. The report metrics could be better, though.

Pros & Cons of Jotform

Despite having tons of features, Jotform might disappoint you in some fields. Check its benefits and drawbacks at a glance.


  • Jotformโ€™s interface is very user-friendly and intuitive
  • Jotform offers advanced features like conditional logic to improve the user experience of your forms
  • Designing complex forms is possible with the help of multiple fields and widgets
  • The forms designed on Jotform are responsive across all devices
  • No additional transaction fees are required for ACH payments
  • Jotform has a free plan to explore all its features


  • HIPPA compliance isnโ€™t available until you choose the Gold plan
  • You might require API integrations to use some advanced conditional logic
  • Having only one user per team, even after being on the Gold plan, is frustrating

Jotform Plans & Pricing

Jotform offers five pricing plans, and one of them is free. Letโ€™s introduce you to these plans.

  • Free โ€“ starting at $0/mo
    • 5 forms per month
    • 100 monthly submissions
    • 100 MB available space
    • 1,000 form views
  • Bronze โ€“ starting at $39/mo
    • 25 forms per month
    • 1,000 monthly submissions
    • 1GB available space
    • 10,000 monthly form views
  • Silver– starting at $49/mo
    • 50 forms per month
    • 2,500 monthly submissions
    • 10GB available space
    • 100,000 monthly form views
  • Gold โ€“ starting at $129/mo
    • 100 forms per month
    • 10,000 monthly submissions
    • 100GB available space
    • 1,000,000 monthly form views
  • Enterprise โ€“ ask for a quote
    • Unlimited forms per month
    • Unlimited monthly submissions
    • Unlimited available space
    • Unlimited monthly form views

Our Take on Jotform

To draw a conclusion, we must recap the top features of Jotform. Itโ€™s an online form builder tool that helps you create engaging forms of various types with all the necessary fields and widgets. While building forms, you can use conditional logic to collect detailed information from users. Creating forms using the drag-and-drop builder is absolutely easy. Jotform offers more than 10,000 templates to design your forms. Though it requires no coding, you can use custom codes to personalize forms according to your needs. From answer piping to form translations, Jotform has a lot of helpful features to make your online forms more effective, but most features have caps on them unless you choose the Enterprise plans. Using advanced conditional logic can be a bit quirky for some users. Jotform has a free plan, and the pricing starts from $39 per month, but goes much higher when choosing the Gold or Enterprise plan.