Instapage Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Instapage is one of the most advanced landing page builders available. It has been developed to help create targeted landing pages and boost conversion rates. Instapage has a vast collection of professionally designed templates to eliminate fuss while creating landing pages; plus, you have an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder with Instablocks to easily customize all your designs without knowing any code. Collaborating with your teammates while designing landing pages becomes easier due to the comment mode, but some of Instapages’ features might not be up to the mark. We will discuss the page builders’ features, advantages, drawbacks, and pricing plans in this detailed review. Let’s get started.

Top Features of Instapage

Sit back and relax because we have a detailed overview of this feature-rich landing page builder tool. 

Layout Templates

Planning a layout for your landing page and starting your design is probably the most challenging part of the whole process. To get rid of this confusing situation, you have more than 200 templates inside Instapage. These templates are optimized for increasing conversions, but if you want to customize templates, feel free to use your creativity.

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Instapage calls its landing page builder the industry’s best; it doesn’t seem like they’re exaggerating. The drag-and-drop page editor is really smooth and easy to use. Due to the intuitive user interface, any user can quickly create or customize landing pages.

Instablocks and Global Blocks

Every element on the landing page is named Instablock. When you create a page block, you can save it to use later. Duplicating the blocks to other landing pages and customizing them is possible here, and global blocks are beneficial when you need to maintain consistency on several landing pages. Though it might take some time for beginners to become familiar with Instapage, this feature is really effective.

On-Page Collaboration

Communicating back and forth while building landing pages is time-consuming; Instapage lets you collaborate with teammates, as well as clients. As a result, the reviewing process becomes more efficient. Everyone can leave their comments on your page, and others can respond to comments. This feature may also be referred to as “comment mode.”

Image Asset Manager

When building landing pages, you might need to work with numerous images. Organizing these images is crucial so that you find them when necessary. Besides using stock photos available on the platform, you can upload your own images to Instapage and organize them into folders for easy access.

AMP Landing Pages

This feature is unique because no other landing page builders might not let you use the AMP framework to create mobile landing pages, but Instapage allows you to.. You can even do split testing on these pages; more on that later.

Hiding Mobile Blocks

Creating responsive landing pages is crucial to give everyone the same smooth experience, but in some cases, you might need to hide some building blocks in mobile view. Instapage has this feature to help you create the best viewing experience. Visitors might miss some building blocks, but that shouldn’t affect the conversion.

Element Customization

Putting in elements or Instablocks, as they call it, isn’t good enough. You need the perfect harmony between them to wow the visitors and convert them. Instapage has multiple tools to organize, align, and distribute elements so they look neat. Grouping elements or maintaining consistent padding for symmetry is also easy here; It would be better to have more customization tools, though.

Custom Fonts

Fonts are one of the primary ways to make your brand stand out. So, you need to use professional fonts that resonate with the character of your brand. On Instapage, you get more than 5,000 Google and Adobe fonts. This is highly beneficial for businesses that create landing pages for their clients.

Add Widgets

Throwing some texts or images on the landing page is never enough. You need to add widgets for functionalities. Instapage has built-in widgets that you can instantly add to your landing pages. You can also customize the functionality of these widgets easily.

Custom Script

Though decent customization options are available on Instapage, you might not always find them to match your needs. In such cases, you can use your coding knowledge to write custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript codes and add those to your landing pages. This feature might not be helpful for non-developers.

Parallax Scrolling

A design technique that differentiates between the scrolling speed of the foreground and the background. As a result, visitors have an immersive experience. Many landing page builders offer this feature as an add-on, but it is a standard feature of Instapage.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Building landing pages involves handling repetitive tasks. For example, you might need to duplicate a page or element frequently. With Instapage, you can set up key combinations to quickly pass that command. This feature can save you a lot of time.

Page Version History

Any landing page designer will find this feature very helpful. If you have made a change to your landing pages that you don’t like later or the client doesn’t approve, you can easily go back to earlier versions of that design.

Form Builder

Forms are a big part of any landing page. These forms should be attractive enough to collect valuable leads. Instapage offers a form builder where you can use form templates and customize them to match your requirements. Though the form builder isn’t as intuitive as the page builder, it works decently.

Multi-Step Forms

Putting a complex form on your landing page is a big mistake. Instead, you can break the form into multiple steps so visitors remain engaged all the way through. Instapage offers multi-step forms to collect all the necessary information.

Server-Side A/B Testing

Whether you build standard or AMP landing pages, you can easily run A/B testing to figure out which version of the landing page is working better. From tracking visitors’ behavior to testing elements or layout variations, the split testing process is beneficial to boost conversion.

Heatmaps and Conversion Analytics

Knowing how visitors interact with the elements on your landing pages gives you a clear idea of what to work on. Instapage offers detailed heatmaps, such as mouse movement, where visitors click on the page, and many more to work on the weaknesses. Measuring metrics like Cost Per Visitor (CPV) or Cost Per Lead (CPL) is also easy.


Instapage lets you integrate your account with a multitude of third-party tools to get the most out of the page builder. For example, you can integrate with analytics, CRM, email marketing, and other tools.


Besides getting the right performance, keeping all your data secure on the platform is crucial. Instapage is SOC 2 compliant and uses SSL encryptions to keep your data secure. Besides, Instapage has a single sign-on feature to let you manage all the permissions and verify users.

Pros & Cons of Instapage

Like most other landing page builders, Instapage has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a quick list.


  • A clean and minimal user interface is easy for all levels of users
  • Comprehensive collection of templates and images
  • Easy customizability with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Adding custom scripts to landing pages improves functionality
  • Tons of integrations are available to streamline the workflow
  • A/B testing provides powerful analytics 
  • Heatmaps are highly beneficial for identifying effective elements on landing pages


  • Desktop elements can be hidden on mobile, but the reverse process isn’t possible
  • You might face some glitches while uploading pictures
  • Editing a page shouldn’t create a new version all the times

Instapage Plans & Pricing

With so many features, the pricing is also on the higher side. Instapage has three pricing plans, and here is a quick overview of these plans.

  • Build – starting at $299/mo
    • No conversion limits
    • Unlimited domains
    • Server-side A/B testing
    • Real-time visual collaboration
  • Convert – ask for a quote
    • AMP pages and experiences
    • Dynamic text replacement
    • Guaranteed uptime converting SLA
    • Custom feature implementation
  • Ignite – ask for a quote
    • Advertising campaigns audit and strategic assessment
    • Strategic roadmap & CRO framework
    • Landing page productions
    • Page migration and redesigns

Our Take on Instapage

Before we conclude, let’s recap the key features. Instapage is one of the most popular landing page builders today. Instapage offers a smooth experience for creating landing pages with its minimal and intuitive user interface. You can choose from more than 200 templates and customize them to your choice. Customizing every single page element is possible here, so your brand will be more pronounced on your landing pages. From multi-step form builders to parallax scrolling, every necessary feature to grab the attention of visitors is available on Instapage. The analytics part is also powerful enough to provide you with detailed heat maps, which makes strategic planning more convenient. However, the tool creating new versions even when you edit the price of something is irritating. The picture-uploading glitch also happens sometimes, and the pricing plan might sound a bit expensive. Pricing starts from $299 per month, and high-tier plans will have custom pricing.