3 Best WordPress Maintenance Services [2023]

Business owners are busy and keeping a website up-to-date can take valuable time out of their day – it can be intimidating and stressful! That’s why a WordPress maintenance service that helps with ongoing support and website management is something you should consider for your business.

The Best WordPress Maintenance Services for Most People


PressSaver is a WordPress support service for serious creators and online entrepreneurs. PressSaver makes sure your WordPress website is always up-to-date by taking care of Core and Plugin updates. All of their plans include frequent offsite backups (up to 4X per day!) and their team is available to assist if there is ever an emergency. PressSaver is unique in that they offer Priority Service via Slack with its Advanced membership tier.


Codeable is the best place to find WordPress developers, especially if you have a large one-off development project. Codeable projects based on fixed-priced estimates that are based on complexity and urgency (estimates equal out to around $80 to $120 per hour). Once you submit your project brief, developers will review and quote, and then Codeable’s system will generate a final price for the project which you can then approve or decline. There’s no obligation to hire.

WP Buffs

WP Buffs is one of the original WordPress maintenance services, that provides 24/7 website management and support. While they offer plans for individual websites, they really shine with their white-label plans for agencies and freelancers. WP Buffs supports AWS-hosted websites (with their Custom Pro plan) and sends every customer a weekly report.

What are WordPress Maintenance and Support Services?

Companies that offer WordPress maintenance and support services undertake a wide range of tasks to ensure that a website always runs smoothly. These companies typically tackle things like plugin updates, website backups, theme updates, uptime monitoring, and security scans against hacks and malware.

WordPress maintenance companies also can help with content and theme modifications, troubleshooting plugin errors, pinpointing website downtime, and providing general WordPress advice.

These services are great for busy small business owners as they save your time by managing all of the core features of your website, ensuring it meets all the requirements for high, streamlined performance. It’s like you have your own dedicated developer for a fraction of the price!

What are the Benefits of WordPress Maintenance and Support Services?

The most important benefits of WordPress Maintenance and Support Services include saving your time, reducing your hard work, and helping the website deliver a top-notch performance. In doing so, these services help you focus on your business.

Here are a handful of reasons to invest in a WordPress management service:

  • Increased Security and Access to Experts – with a service agreement in place, you can avoid hacks, scams, and other security breaches. These services usually provide security specialists to fix your site in case something bad happens (and some will do so free of charge!).
  • Data Back-Up – If you regularly update content on your website, backing it up at least once every two days becomes a necessity. If you do ever encounter a serious problem with the site, having recent back up can help you to recover more quickly. Manual tracking of backup on a frequent basis can get difficult. WordPress Maintenance and Support Services offer automated backups that ensure you do not lose a single image or sentence off your website.
  • SEO Auditing – Some WP Maintenance Services come with SEO plugins that help you optimize your data to more of your targeted audience. The WP Support Services run regular tests to catch and repair broken links and pages for further SEO optimization. All this improves your website’s rank and reachability on search engines.
  • Performance Optimization – Having your website secured, updated, data optimized, and backed up, increases website load speed, cutting downtime.

How do WordPress Maintenance and Support Services Work?

It’s simple, really. Once you sign up for a WordPress maintenance service, the provider will help you manage your website. During your onboarding, you’ll provide the company with your website login credentials which will allow them to perform WordPress updates for you on your behalf. Support can be requested via email.