WebinarNinja Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

WebinarNinja is a webinar platform that lets you create and manage a variety of webinars. It lets you bring up to 10 presenters and 1,000 attendees together. You can create live, automated, series, and hybrid webinars to meet the demand of your audience. Uploading slides or sharing screen makes those webinars even more engaging. WebinarNinja is packed with useful features, and weโ€™re going to explore them in detail.

Top Features

WebinarNinja is packed with many features so we’re going to focus on what we think are the top features of the platform.

Meetings & Webinars

Four forms of webinars are available on the platform. They let you connect with your audience for the best outcome without many technical difficulties. Simply create your preferred webinar and custom registration pages to invite attendees.

  • Live Webinars – Live webinars need to be stable and lag-free so that there is no interruption midway and the attendees can hear everything crystal clear. If you have a good internet connection, all your live webinars on WebinarNinja will be too good to be true.
  • Automated/Evergreen Webinars – If live webinars on the same topic seem boring to you or take a lot of time from your busy schedule, you can automate them with this feature. Record your presentation and upload it on the platform. WebinarNinja will automatically manage the hosting, registration, and other aspects.
  • Series Webinars – Sometimes, covering a topic in one session may not be possible. In such cases, you can use this feature to create multi-session webinars and set up the payment process quite easily.
  • Hybrid Webinars – You will enjoy the independence of automated webinars and the fun of live webinars here. Combine recorded and live sessions to increase interaction through chats, Q&A sessions, etc. With this feature, you can customize your lessons whenever you want.

Video & Studio Features

A bunch of video and studio features lets you take full advantage of the platform and engage your audience better. Take a quick look at them.

  • Auto Recording & Archiving – Whenever you host a live webinar, it is automatically recorded and archived on WebinarNinja. So, you can easily replay the recording to check if there was any problem with the session and correct them.
  • Insert Video into Live Webinar – Even if itโ€™s a live webinar, you can add videos to the webinar without needing a new session. This is useful when you find out you have missed something in the presentation.
  • Upload Slides – To make your webinars more factual and engaging, you can upload presentation slides on WebinarNinja. It even provides customizable templates so that you can quickly create compelling presentations for your webinars.
  • Chats and Private Messaging – Webinars donโ€™t need to be boring, where attendees are only meant to listen to the presenter. During a discussion, they can have a chat with other participants on the sidebar. Individual conversations are also available here.
  • Polls – While conducting a webinar, you can take your audiencesโ€™ opinions by creating easy polls. Once the poll is done, you can share the result with all participants to make those webinars more engaging. The result can be used for future webinars too.
  • Q&A with Upvote – Designate any of the comments as questions and provide the exact timestamp of the answer. Participants can upvote comments to bring them to your attention.
  • Share Screen – In tutorial-type webinars, you might need to share your screen to let participants see what you are doing or how you are doing. Choose from multiple views at your convenience.
  • Dynamic Layouts – It allows you to change the layout of the screen dynamically based on what is happening on the screen. For example, you can focus on a slide or the comment box to steer the concentration of the audience.

Marketing Tools

Creating excellent webinars may not always be enough. You need to reach a bigger audience to market your lessons and bring more conversions. Exclusive marketing features of WebinarNinja let you do that easily.

  • Custom Registration Emails – Instead of just emails, you can collect a lot of other information using custom registration forms. WebinarNinja offers a vast collection of templates for signup pages, and you can add custom fields to these pages to collect whatever information you need about your audience.
  • Analytics – This is the key to improving your webinars down the lane. WebinarNinja provides detailed insight into the performance of your webinars and the behavior of your audience. You can check the number of registrants, participants, people clicking the links, and many more. With these metrics, you can easily calculate how successful the webinar was and what to improve in the future for better conversions.
  • Add Registrations in Bulk – When the number of registrants is low, you can upload the information manually. But as you grow, a large number of registrants can be challenging to upload one by one. In such cases, you can upload them in bulk using the spreadsheet to save a lot of time.
  • Email Notifications – As soon as someone registers for your webinars, they will get multiple reminders to be present in the webinar on the due date and time. You can also follow them up with post-webinar emails. And creating the whole workflow is very easy.
  • Social Sharing Capability – Promoting your webinars on social media can be a great way to get more exposure. You can simply generate a shareable link to your webinars to post them on multiple social media handles like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


A webinar tool with no integrations is like a man in a desert without any communication tools. But WebinarNinja has a lot of integrations to make your journey hassle-free.

  • CRM Integrations – Integrating with CRMs lets you track performance and see detailed reports. WebinarNinja has native integrations with top CRM tools. With these integrations, you can make the best use of WebinarNinja by keeping an eye on every little detail going on.
  • Zapier – If native integrations donโ€™t seem to be enough, you can use Zapier integration to connect your WebinarNinja account to thousands of apps. Yes, you heard that right. Zapier lets you use more than 1,000 popular and useful apps for various tasks.
  • Email Marketing – Remember the email notifications we talked about a bit earlier? You can use the tool of your convenience with WebinarNinja and take your email marketing to the next level. You can use ConvertKit, AWeber, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Drip, and more integrations to automate email marketing here.
  • Stripe – Collecting payment is no big deal with Stripe integration when you host paid webinars. Setting up the payment process is a breeze on WebinarNinja, and you can collect the payment right away.

Pros & Cons of Webinar Ninja

Check out these pros and cons of WebinarNinja to get a quick idea of the platform before committing.


  • Customizable pricing plan depending on the number of attendees
  • 14-day free trial to explore the features
  • Unlimited webinars and registrants in all pricing plans
  • A much cheaper bundle compared to separate tools
  • Various types of webinars for convenience
  • Marketing tools for better exposure and conversion
  • Easy analytics for improving performance
  • Thousands of integrations for email marketing, CRM, payment, etc.


  • No priority support in the Pro plan
  • The price quickly escalates as the number of attendees grows
  • Customizing registration pages requires a learning curve

WebinarNinja Plans & Pricing

The platform offers three pricing plans, but you can customize them based on the number of attendees.

  • Basic โ€“ starting at $29/mo
    • 50 live attendees
    • Up to two hours per webinar
    • 1 guest presenter
    • Unlimited webinars
    • Unlimited registrants
  • Pro โ€“ starting at $99/mo
    • 100 live attendees
    • Up to 4 hours per webinar
    • 4 guest presenters
    • Unlimited webinars
    • Unlimited registrants
    • 1-on-1 onboarding call
    • Custom branded URL
  • Business โ€“ starting at $199/mo
    • 100 live attendees
    • Up to 8 hours per webinar
    • 10 guest presenters
    • Unlimited webinars
    • Unlimited registrants
    • Live webinars
    • Automated webinars
    • Series webinars
    • Hybrid webinars
    • Priority support


WebinarNinja is a one-stop solution for all your meeting and webinar needs. It lets you create and manage four types of webinars at your convenience. This webinar software platform allows you to make the best out of these webinars, from automatically recording sessions to adding videos or slides to the webinars. With chats and private messaging, webinar sessions become more engaging for the audience. And necessary marketing tools ensure you reach your target audience with high-quality webinars. Though you might need to go through a learning curve, the WebinarNinja bundle is more affordable than integrated tools. And the price starts from $29 per month for up to 50 live attendees.