WebinarJam Review โ€“ Pros & Cons [2023]

WebinarJam is an all-in-one webinar platform that lets you bring up to 5,000 audiences together and share your ideas or tutorials in high definition. Without any fuss of downloads, you can host exciting events on any device from anywhere. WebinarJam also lets you create professional registration pages with A/B testing. From running polls to replying to questions from the audience, everything is effortless. With email automation, it becomes a lot easier to keep the registrants in the loop. Like most other webinar platforms, WebinarJam has its pros and cons, and we’ll cover them here!

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Top Features of WebinarJam

WebinarJam has an impressive list of features. We think these are the most unique, though.

Versatile Scheduling

Whenever you feel like starting an event, you can simply create a live room and send the link to anyone to join the room. You can also schedule single or series webinars where the audience needs to register for the event. But the best thing is probably the always-on room that will be dedicated to you all the time.

High-Definition Broadcast

Forget those choppy webinars and start broadcasting in high-definition regardless of your device. WebinarJam lets you broadcast anything with absolute clarity to make it a pleasure for the audience. Though it is a bit difficult to find all the features on mobile devices, you will face no issues streaming videos or sharing screens.

Replica Replay

No matter the type of webinar you run, WebinarJam records everything and saves them for future use. For example, you can set a recorded webinar to replay, just as the original one. Every action of the original event will be mimicked in these replays for audiences who might have missed the event.

Attendee Spotlight

You can have a maximum of six hosts for your events. But when you want to let someone from the audience raise a voice, you can change their role with one click so that they can broadcast and share their screens.

Page Builder with Templates

You donโ€™t need to take the hassle of creating registration pages elsewhere and import them to WebinarJam every time. Choose from a bunch of professional templates and customize them to your liking. You can use two designs simultaneously for split-testing and improving future pages. But we think WebinarJam should enrich its template library further.

Email & SMS Automation

Many registrants might forget your event after the registration. WebinarJam can send automated email or SMS reminders to increase attendance in your events. And if someone misses the event or leaves midway, you can follow them up with post-webinar emails. Simply create workflows or choose from existing flows and customize them.

Instant Offers

Showing an offer right in the middle of the session can be way better than sending promotional emails. You can create such offers before the webinar and make them pop-up whenever you need to deliver them. You can also add a countdown timer to the offer to create the Fear Of Missing Out and boost conversion.

Panic Button

Technical glitches can happen anytime, but they are the worst when you are in the middle of a live webinar. If something like that happens, you can click the panic button to instantly create a new live room and redirect everyone to the new room.

Live Chat with Q&A

Where most webinar platforms only offer live chat and Q&A, WebinarJam has something more. You can privately chat with attendees and pin any announcement on top of the discussion for everyone to see. This makes your events more engaging. Moderating questions isnโ€™t currently available, but that will be a great feature to have.

Polls & Surveys

Interacting with your audience during a webinar gets more interesting with polls and surveys. You can run a skill test to know the understanding level of your audience or survey to know their opinions. All results will be ready right away, and you can share them with the attendees.

Sharing Slides

You might need to add some PowerPoint slides to your events to grab the attention of your audience. That is relatively easy on WebinarJam, as you can directly share that from the app. It supports all file formats and lets you annotate those slides if necessary. During our test, slides required some time to be stable in high definition.

Sharing Handouts

Whether it is a brochure or a secret guide to something, you can share anything with your audience in the webinar room. Simply upload the file, and everyone in the room will be able to download it without any fuss. Plus, you can revoke access to the handout anytime.

Video Injections

If you donโ€™t want to repeat the same session over and over again, you can upload a video recording, and WebinarJam will seamlessly merge the video into your live events. You can also add other necessary videos to the event without any interruption. But if you create a queue of multiple videos, there can be some lags while loading.

One-Click Registration

Filling out a registration form with too many fields may be boring to your audience. You can automate the process by sending custom links to them, and they will be automatically registered without typing anything. That immensely helps boost participation.


In most webinar software, you might need to import your contact list. But WebinarJam integrates with popular CRM tools so that you can manage your contact list better. From segmenting your contacts based on rules and tags to third-party tracking, WebinarJam offers everything you need for automation.

Control Panel

This is one of the most useful features that make WebinarJam stand out from the crowd. Handling hundreds or thousands of attendees while giving a presentation can be highly challenging. You can now appoint people to moderate live chats and manage polls or resources while you focus on the presentation.


An online event usually has a lot of parameters to monitor. If you canโ€™t track them all, you might not find out why your events arenโ€™t doing great. WebinarJam provides advanced analytics so that you can keep an eye on everything.

You can track everything from the percentage of attendance to engagement info down to the tiniest bit. See who is late to the event or who left the event early and improve your strategies to retain the audience.

Pros & Cons of WebinarJam


  • Dedicated webinar rooms for on-demand use
  • Broadcast everything in high definition
  • Registration page builder with templates and customizability
  • Automated recording and replica replays
  • Email and SMS automation
  • Seamless video injections
  • Easy file sharing in any format
  • Multiple integrations
  • Control panel to manage resources and events
  • Live chat and polls


  • Fewer maximum hosts compared to competitors
  • The Control panel is only available on the top-tier plan
  • Page builder needs to be more intuitive

WebinarJam Plans & Pricing

WebinarJam offers four pricing plans. Here is a breakdown of them:

  • Starter โ€“ starting at $39/mo
    • Unlimited webinars
    • 1 host
    • 1-hour max duration
    • Unlimited team members
  • Basic โ€“ starting at $79/mo
    • Unlimited webinars
    • 2 hosts
    • 2 hours max duration
    • Unlimited team members
    • Automated webinars
  • Professional โ€“ starting at $229/mo
    • Unlimited webinars
    • 4 hosts
    • 3 hours max duration
    • Unlimited team members
    • Automated webinars
    • Always-on live room
  • Enterprise โ€“ starting at $379/mo
    • Unlimited webinars
    • Includes 6 hosts
    • 4 hours max duration
    • Unlimited team members
    • Automated webinars
    • Control panel


Webinar software is often overwhelming with a lot of sophisticated features. WebinarJam allows you to get rid of that situation by offering simple and practical features for better webinars. You can start broadcasting your events right on your smartphone. Inviting audiences with a one-click registration link or creating professional pages makes the process much easier. Besides excellent integrations and advanced analytics, you have complete control over all aspects of the event to make it more fruitful. You have the ability to moderate live chats and filter bad words to keep up the good vibe. WebinarJam offers a 30-day free trial period where you can explore its features and claim a refund if you arenโ€™t satisfied. The Starter plan costs $39 per month, but it doesnโ€™t have advanced features like an always-on live room or control panel. If you have a growing audience, we suggest switching to the Basic or Professional plan to get the most value for your money.