DreamHost Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

DreamHost has been providing hosting services at a great price, and with stunning features for over 15 years. Today, DreamHost still continues to deliver excellent web hosting. Besides its popular shared and WordPress hosting services, it also offers cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. DreamHost is even recommended by WordPress itself for its fast and secure performance. So, the question is whether all of the praises we hear about DreamHost are true. Let’s find out!

DreamHost Features

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

If you sign up for the shared hosting option, you get unlimited storage and bandwidth from DreamHost. So, you don’t need to worry about the disk space running out when you host a lot of websites or store too many resources for your sites.

Though this feature isn’t available in all their hosting plans, small website owners might still benefit from this. Besides, there is a network transfer limit in the shared hosting plan. So you can quickly transfer your site when required.

Fast Loading Speed

When it comes to hosting your website, you want the site to load as fast as possible to satisfy its visitors. The average loading time of a website on DreamHost is 231ms, which is quite good considering the industry standard.

So, you can host heavy websites on DreamHost without any issues. Even when the LCP happens, a website will completely load in under 1.5 seconds. This is really impressive for a hosting provider at this price range.

Free SSL Security

No matter how much storage you get or how fast the loading speed is, the security of your website should come first. And DreamHost doesn’t compromise the security of your data. It provides free SSL certificates with all hosting plans. With the SSL certificate, the connection between a web browser and the web server will become more secure, and no one can intercept your information midway.

Automatic Daily Backup

This feature is hard to get, even on some expensive plans. But on DreamHost, you get this feature for no cost at all. As it offers daily backup, all your websites will be backed up automatically, and the backups will be stored for a maximum of two weeks. So, if anything odd happens, you can quickly restore your website to its working condition.

Besides, you can manually back up your website daily to be on the safe side. No additional cost is required for this feature, which is really impressive for such cheap plans.

Wide Variety of Hosting Plans

You get to choose from a lot of hosting plans according to your budget and needs. While many hosting service providers offer limited options, DreamHost offers a wide variety of plans that will be suitable for a large group of users. Users from different industries can pick the most convenient plans tailored to meet their needs. 

We will be talking about the plans and pricing in a minute.

97-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Most hosting service providers out there will offer a maximum of a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with their service. Some providers may extend the trial period for up to 45 days. But DreamHost exceeds everyone in the industry with its whooping 97-day money-back guarantee.

So, you get a trial period of more than three months to test all their features and decide whether to use the service or not. This is great flexibility for users. 

Monthly Billing

Annual billing is a common practice in the web hosting industry. But DreamHost offers you monthly billing so that you can cancel your subscription anytime you change your mind. If you need to change the hosting provider for any reason, this feature might come in helpful for you.

Decent Features

Considering the price point of the shared hosting plans, you get a bunch of good features on DreamHost. Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and free SSL certificates are some of those features that allow you to run your website with fewer worries.

The built-in WordPress installation is also an excellent feature for those who want to host their WordPress website on DreamHost. 

Custom Dashboard

DreamHost offers a different UI on the dashboard than the standard cPanel. So, it might be a bit confusing at first if you are already familiar with the cPanel. But if you are an absolute beginner, you will find this custom dashboard very user-friendly. 

All the necessary features are organized in a way that you will find the desired option within a few clicks. 

100% Uptime Guarantee

DreamHost guarantees 100% uptime, so you can be relaxed about the availability of your websites at any time. Though the sites can be down for scheduled maintenance or user errors, they will be up most of the time.

And if the provider fails to ensure the uptime guarantee, you will get free credits. If your sites stay down for one hour, you will get free service for 24 hours. So, this is an excellent benefit for all users.

Pros & Cons of DreamHost

Every hosting company has pros and cons that should be considered. Here’s what you need to know about DreamHost:


  • US-based web hosting company
  • 97-Day money-back guarantee
  • Monthly billing terms are available
  • Free SSL certificates


  • Limited support hours
  • Limited data center locations
  • Money back guarantee only applies to shared hosting

Closing Thoughts on DreamHost

The thought of choosing the wrong hosting provider and losing your money is inevitable when you need to host your website for the first time. DreamHost eliminates this fear with their 97-day money-back guarantee in the shared hosting plans. They also offer a 100% uptime guarantee, which means you no longer need to worry about the performance of your websites.

DreamHost provides SSD storage, so your website will be fast. You also get free SSL certificates with all plans to ensure the security of your websites.

The most affordable shared hosting plan costs under $3 per month, and you can cancel your subscription anytime. DreamHost is a great place to host your website.

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