Trint Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Trint is a speech-to-text tool that offers a multitude of features for faster and more convenient transcriptions. You can upload audio or video files to the platform or use its app to capture audio. Real-time live transcription is one of the notable features of this tool. Besides, you have a lot of customizability to edit transcripts and invite others to collaborate. Trint supports multiple languages for transcription and translation, but a few drawbacks might be the dealbreaker. In our in-depth review of Trint, we’ll explore​​ features, pros, cons, and pricing plans in this review.

Top Features of Trint

Here is a detailed overview of the features Trint has to offer. See how they perform to figure out whether this tool is worth your money.

Automatic Transcription

Like most other transcription tools, Trint uses AI technology to recognize speech and convert it into text documents. The speech can come from various sources, such as audio or video files you upload to Trint from your devices. You can also use the built-in recording feature to capture audio and instantly transcribe the audio. 

Unfortunately, the accuracy of transcriptions wasn’t what we expected. Simple audio files with a maximum of two speakers are transcribed with moderate accuracy; if the number of speakers increases or their dialects change, it becomes more challenging for the tool to transcribe accurately. 

Custom Vocabulary

This tool uses machine learning to enrich its vocabulary. If you need more, you can add custom vocabulary to increase the accuracy of your transcriptions. The accuracy rate is a bit lower than the industry standard, and it’s even worse when you use complex audio for transcription.

In the case of complex audio, this tool takes a bit longer than usual to produce transcripts. For large files, it might take the same as the audio length to generate transcripts. 

Speaker Identification

Trint has speaker identification to make your transcriptions more understandable. Unfortunately, the tool only works perfectly when the number of speakers is limited to one or two. Having more speakers than that might result in inaccurate transcriptions, which is kind of frustrating. This feature should be improved for better identification of multiple speakers.

Unlimited Transcription

When you have Trint in your arsenal, transcribing unlimited files is no big deal, but there’s a catch. You can only avail of this feature if you are ready to spend a lot of money for the Advanced plan because this feature isn’t available on the Starter plan. Remember, you might need to wait a long time if you want to work with a vast number of transcriptions. 

Capture from Zoom and Mobile App

Recording business meetings or webinars on Zoom and transcribing those recordings is easier, thanks to the powerful integration of Trint. You can also use the Trint mobile app to record audio; but that is only possible on the iOS app for now. Trint should be available on all versions of the app so that all users can capture audio for transcription on the go.

Realtime Live Transcription

With the improvement of AI technologies, most transcription tools now offer live transcription, which is very handy for generating instant transcriptions of important interviews or meetings. Trint also offers that feature, but it’s limited to the Enterprise plan; if you want this tool for individual use or small teams, you won’t get this feature. That is a dealbreaker for many users.

Transcript Editor

Trint lets you edit the transcripts generated by the tool to bring perfection. Once you open the editor, you have several options to work with. One convenient feature is you can play the audio while editing the transcript. As a result, identifying errors made by the tool becomes easier so you can then fix those errors. Other editing options include changing speaker names, highlighting text, doing translations of the selected text, and creating subtitles for your audio or video files.

Customizable Timestamps

The transcripts produced by the tool contain timestamps to extract the subject of the audio or video files easily. You can customize these timestamps according to your needs. 

Collaborate on Transcripts

As we have already mentioned, the online transcript editor is pretty easy to use. On top of that, you can invite other users, like your teammates, to edit transcripts at the same time. You can add comments for other users, reply to their comments, and tag individual users for a more efficient editing process, especially when you work in a large team with plenty of transcriptions. Other than teammates, you can publicly share the transcripts with viewing and commenting access. 

Version History

When you are done editing a section of the text, you can check the box right beside it. Your progress will be saved so that you can come back later and start from where you left. This feature is also beneficial for shared workspaces so that everyone understands who is handling what. You can check different versions of the transcript throughout the process should you need to go back to a specific stage of editing.

Multiple Language Support

Trint can handle transcriptions in more than 32 languages. You can translate your transcripts into 54 languages, which is a helpful feature to have. Though, popular transcription tools in the industry support more than a hundred languages while costing less than Trint. This might be a dealbreaker to spend a hefty sum and still not get the desired language support for transcription. Trint should work on widening the language support for both transcription and translation.

Custom Roles and Permissions

As you have the ability to work in teams, you need to specify the roles and permissions of each user to protect your documents from getting spoiled. Trint allows you to assign users roles so they can only perform specific tasks. This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan, which might be overkill if you need the tool for small teams.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Analyzing your performance metrics and getting info-dense reports makes this tool very convenient for large-scale transcriptions. This tool collects and analyzes information to generate easily understandable reports and help you make more informed decisions. Remember, this plan is also only available on the Enterprise plan. 

Powerful Integrations

Trint has integration with Premier Pro, a popular video editing tool, so you can use this integration to generate closed captions easily. This platform also offers asset management API so users can build their own integrations.

ISO Certified Security

The platform uses AES-256 encryption to keep your files safe. Plus, employees can take a sneak peek at your important files. Though the single sign-on feature is available, you need to subscribe to the Enterprise plan for this feature.

Pros & Cons of Trint

Trint offers many benefits, but Trint’s drawbacks might set you back. Check them out.


  • Adding custom vocabulary increases the accuracy of transcriptions
  • Speaker identification with customizable timestamps is available
  • The online editing tool is potent to ensure effortless editing
  • Collaboration with teammates is much easier
  • Captures audio from Zoom or iOS app 
  • Realtime live transcription is very responsive
  • Adding subtitles to audio or video files is easy
  • Supports more than 32 languages for transcription


  • The tool is pretty expensive
  • Accuracy rate is lower than the standard, especially for complex files
  • Language support is also lower than other tools
  • Some essential features aren’t available in low or mid-tier plans

Trint Plans & Pricing

Trint offers three pricing plans. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  • Starter – starting at $60/mo
    • Transcribe 7 files per user per month
    • Add custom vocabulary
    • Edit in teams of up to 3 users
    • Adobe Premier Pro integration
  • Advanced – starting at $75/mo
    • Unlimited transcription
    • Identify speakers automatically
    • Edit in teams of up to 15 users
    • Use secure, shared workspaces to organize files
  • Enterprise – ask for a quote
    • Realtime live transcription
    • Asset management API
    • Single sign-on
    • Custom roles and permissions

Our Take on Trint

Trint is a transcription tool to convert your audio or video files into text documents. Be it a pre-recorded audio, video, or live transcription, the tool seems to work perfectly in the case of simple audio files with one or two speakers. Trint also offers unlimited transcription to meet your growing needs. The online editor works fine enough to outperform many other transcription tools. From identifying speakers to putting timestamps, the tool can efficiently handle your transcriptions and still offers impressive flexibility to polish your transcripts. Realtime live transcription is also available to capture live meetings or webinars and transcribe them. Collaborating with your teammates and editing transcripts in shared workspaces was satisfactory, but accuracy and language support is where the tool falls behind. You can expect moderate accuracy with just over 32 language support here.​​ The Starter plan costs $60 per month per user for only 7 transcriptions per month.

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