Review – Pros & Cons [2023] is an AI-powered transcription tool that allows you to convert audio or video files into text documents. You can even transcribe live audio or video with Transcribe. It supports more than 120 languages and dialects, which is beneficial when you make content for a global audience. You can import files from other apps or cloud storage in various formats, and there are plenty of available formats for export. While Transcribe is an impressive platform, there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of. In our review of Transcribe, we will discuss its features, advantages, drawbacks, and pricing plans to determine whether the tool is worth it. Let’s go! logo

Top Features of Transcribe

We’re highlighting the Transcribe’s top features to give you an overview of what you can do with the tool.

Automatic Transcription

This speech-to-text software uses automatic speech recognition technology to convert your audio or video files into text documents. The tool can efficiently transcribe large files to save you hours of work. The quality of transcription is satisfactory compared to other transcription tools. And the process is also simple enough for almost all users.

Multiple Language Support

With Transcribe, you can transcribe your files in more than 120 languages. The tool also understands different dialects of the same language. So, it helps create content for a broad audience group. Transcribe can also understand speech even if it is swift. Overall, the language support is satisfactory.

Fast Turnaround Time

Transcribe’s AI can generate transcripts at a faster rate than most other tools. Though the turnaround time depends on your file size, most files can be transcribed within a few hours. While there is nothing extraordinary about the turnaround time, it is quite sufficient for most users out there.

Automatic Punctuation and Capitalization

Maintaining grammatical correctness in transcripts is crucial. Transcribe takes care of this by automatically adding punctuation to the generated text documents so that you don’t have to. It also capitalizes the letters necessary to make the transcripts easily extractable. Though it sometimes makes mistakes, the overall performance is up to the mark.

Timestamps for Each Line

Extracting data quickly from transcriptions is essential, and they should have timestamps for that. Transcribe provides timestamps for each line of transcribed text. So, it becomes much easier to go through the transcriptions and find which is where in that audio or video file. This feature is pretty impressive.

Customizable Speaker Identification

When you transcribe a meeting or interview, differentiating speakers from one another is crucial. Transcribe can handle this with customizable speaker identification, so you have better control over how the transcript will look. The audience can easily understand the discussion when the speaker identification is correct.

Multiple Speakers in Single Recording

There can be more than one speaker in your recordings or audio or video files. Transcribe can easily handle multiple speakers and generate accurate transcriptions by understanding the languages and dialects of the speakers. This feature may not be available in many other transcription tools out there.

Variety of Formats for Exporting

Once the transcripts are generated, you can export them in an array of formats. It supports .txt., .docx, .pdf, etc., so you can easily share the transcripts. You can even choose to export the transcripts with or without timestamps. Shareable links can also be generated on the platform. Transcribe handles the exporting part of the transcription gracefully.

Multiple Formats for Importing

When you import your files from your devices or cloud storage, Transcribe supports multiple formats to ease your task. It supports MP3, M4A, WAV, MOV, AVI, MP4, and other formats. So, transcribing any of your audio or video files is pretty straightforward.

Integration with Other Platforms

Transcribe has useful integrations with other tools to make the transcription process seamless. For example, you can integrate the tool with specific video editing software to streamline the workflow. This can be highly helpful for users who have tons of transcriptions to be done.

Manual Review

If you want your transcriptions to be more accurate than they usually are, you can ask for manual review or editing by human transcriptionists. Though that will cost extra, you are guaranteed to have highly accurate transcriptions compared to the automatic ones done by the AI.

Automatic Audio Enhancement

The audio is automatically enhanced before transcribing when you record something on the platform or import your audio or video files. As a result, the AI engine can better understand speech and convert it to text with higher accuracy. This is highly useful if you want to transcribe audio with loud background noise.

Live Transcription

If you need to capture the audio of a conversation or conference and transcribe it in real-time, this tool can do that. With this feature, you can record audio directly from the app and then transcribe it almost instantly. It is an excellent feature to have.

Multiple Input Sources

Besides your regular audio and video, you can directly feed call recordings or podcasts into the tool, and it will deliver transcriptions with high accuracy.

Multiple Transcriptions at Once

If you have a lot of large files to transcribe, this tool can perform the tasks simultaneously. You just need to upload the files, and Transcribe will generate transcripts quite faster than other tools.

Customizable Formatting and Layout

Once the transcripts are generated and checked, you can go one step further to customize the fonts, sizes, colors, etc., with Transcribe. It has all the necessary tools to format the transcript according to your preference. You can also play around with the layout and choose the right one for your purposes.

Advanced Analytics

Besides generating transcripts, you can also see the analytical reports of these transcripts. The tool can perform sentiment analysis to extract the mood of the audio, which can be useful in many cases. Key phrase extraction is also possible with this tool. The analytics part isn’t available in many transcription tools, so Transcribe gets a big thumbs up for this.

Secure Cloud Storage

Storing large audio files can become a big issue when you have plenty of large audio files. To solve the problem, Transcribe offers secure cloud storage, where you can save up to 500 hours of audio clips. Sharing files with others is also easy. But the catch is you only get this storage in the Pro plan. So, Free plan users might get disappointed a bit.

Device Synchronization

Once you have uploaded something to the cloud, you can access all the files from any device. Transcribe is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc. So you can access your files on the go. You can even edit the transcripts with mobile devices, which is a big plus.

Pros & Cons of Transcribe

Like all software, Transcribe has its pros and cons. Here’s what we found:


  • Advanced AI engine is capable of generating accurate transcripts
  • Automatic transcription takes a lot less time than its competitors
  • It supports more than 120 languages and dialects
  • Timestamps available for each line
  • It supports various file formats for importing and exporting
  • Audio enhancement for improved accuracy
  • Real-time audio recording and transcription


  • The batch mode takes a bit longer than usual
  • Layout customization options are limited
  • Cloud storage isn’t available on the Free plan

Transcribe Plans & Pricing

Transcribe currently offers two plans. One of them is free.

  • Free – starting at $0/mo
    • Automatic transcription
    • 120 languages and dialects
    • Audio/video files import
    • Text document export
  • Pro – starting at $12.99/mo
    • Additional 5 hours of transcription time each month
    • Additional export formats (PDF, DOCS, SRT, JPG)
    • 500 hours of audio content storage
    • Web browser transcription editor

Our Take on Transcribe

Transcribe is a popular speech-to-text software that allows users to convert audio or video files into text documents. You can record the audio on the platform or import them from somewhere else. It supports over 120 languages to make transcription more beneficial, especially if you are a content creator. Automatic punctuation, capitalization, timestamps, and other features are very handy. And you can use multiple integrations to streamline your workflow. Though you can work with a lot of large files simultaneously, the tool takes a bit more time than usual to deliver the transcripts. But the good thing is you can ask for manual review and editing if you want perfect accuracy. It would be better if the tool had more customizations in terms of layout. There is a Free plan to try the features, and the Pro plan costs $12.99 per month.