NordPass Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

NordPass is a password manager with all advanced features to keep your credentials secure and make your internet experience much more fun. You can easily save your passwords in one click, and you don’t need to enter the password the next time. If you have passwords saved in your browser, the tool can capture those passwords as well. And you can import passwords from other platforms. NordPass can sync passwords across all of your devices. NordPass also offers a web vault where you can store your valuable files securely, but the tool has some limitations. In this review, we will give you a detailed overview of its features, pros, cons, and pricing plans. Let’s get started.


NordPass boasts some advanced features to keep your privacy protected. We will introduce you to some of its top features here. 

Easy Password Saving

Whenever you log into a website or sign up for a platform, you don’t need to run the NordPass app to save your passwords. This tool will automatically prompt you so that you can save your password with just one click. Once you allow the tool to save the password, it will store the password for future use.

Automatic Log In

If you have passwords saved in NordPass, you don’t need to enter your credentials the next time you log into a website. NordPass will automatically enter the credentials so that you can effortlessly enter the target website and enjoy a faster browsing experience.

Import Passwords

You might have your passwords saved in your browser, but that can’t always guarantee safety. When you start using NordPass, this tool will detect the saved passwords in the browser, and you can import the passwords to NordPass easily. If you have passwords saved on other platforms, you can create a CSV file and upload it to NordPass. This tool will automatically store these passwords for respective websites.

Browser Extension

You don’t need to use the NordPass app all the time. Instead, you can enable the browser extension for various browsers. NordPass supports Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and other browsers. Features like autosave and autofill work just fine with the browser extension.

Password Sync

Nowadays, we usually use more than one device to connect to the internet. For example, you might browse the internet on the desktop in your office, laptop at your home, or smartphone when outside. So, having your passwords on all devices simultaneously is crucial. NordPass syncs passwords across all devices, so you can conveniently use them when needed.

Secure Web Vault

Besides saving passwords, you can store your valuable files using NordPass. When you sign up to the platform, it gives you access to the NordPass web vault. This is a secure cloud storage with various functionalities where you can save important files without the fear of losing them. 

Unlimited Passwords

You don’t have any limit to saving passwords on this platform. As there is no storage limit, you can save all your passwords in one place. You might use hundreds of apps or websites that require your credentials, and you can securely store them all inside NordPass. 

Secure Notes

Besides passwords, you can also save important pieces of information on NordPass. Nordpass has a feature called secure notes and you can save anything on this note. For example, you can write down any secret phone number on the secure note, and it will be stored inside the tool.

Secure Access to Credit Cards

Typing your credit card details every time you buy something can be annoying. To avoid that, NordPass allows you to store your credit card details securely. And the advanced security ensures no one can intercept your credit card details. Next time you need to pay for something online, you can quickly fill in the details with the saved data.

Save and Autofill Info

Whenever you want to sign up for a website or fill out a form, you need to enter a lot of personal details. These include your full name, address, phone number, email, etc. If you have NordPass, you can save these details in the tool, and it will automatically fill out those fields in online forms the next time.

Manage Folders

You might need to save tens or hundreds of passwords in NordPass, and finding the desired information when necessary is crucial. NordPass allows you to organize all your passwords and other secure information into folders. As a result, you can easily find the desired information. These folders are easy to create and manage.

Check for Leaked Data

In many cases, your data can be leaked in data breaches, but you might not know that until hackers take control of your accounts. NordPass lets you check for leaked data and warns you if any of your data has been compromised. So you can take prompt actions to secure your data.

Check Password Health

We often use weak passwords online. And many users tend to reuse their old passwords on various sites. These passwords could be leaked in data breaches, which is harmful to your online security. You can check the strength of your passwords using the password health checker. But this feature isn’t available on the free plan.

Share Password

In some cases, you might need to share a password with your colleagues, friends, or family. NordPass allows you to share passwords via an encrypted channel with other NordPass users so that no one can intercept your sensitive information. If you need to share passwords with someone in your family who doesn’t use NordPass, you can do that with the emergency access feature.

Generate Strong Passwords

Using our names, dates of birth, and phone numbers as passwords is very common; using such passwords are too easy for hackers to crack. So, you need to use strong and different passwords for every website. NordPass generates strong passwords for you, and these passwords meet the criteria of that website.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Besides using the master password to access your NordPass vault, you can use multi-factor authentication to increase security. This can be an OTP authentication or Bluetooth device authentication. You can also use USB devices as an authentication method.

Advanced Encryption

NordPass uses the XChaCha20 encryption method, which is a symmetric encryption algorithm. It is as strong as your standard AES-256 encryption, so all your information will be secure here. 

Biometric Security

Using the master password every time you enter NordPass can be tedious. Sometimes, the password can be compromised. To bypass that route, you can access the vault using biometric information such as your face id or fingerprint. 

Zero-Knowledge Architecture

When you capture passwords with NordPass and save them in the secure vault, no one will be able to intercept that data without you. The platform uses a zero-knowledge structure, so not even the officials at NordPass can access your information secured in the vault.

Pros & Cons of NordPass

This tool has tons of useful features, but there are some lacking that need to be addressed. Here is a list of the benefits and drawbacks of this tool.


  • Extremely easy user interface
  • Browser extensions available for all browsers
  • Autosave and autofill features are handy
  • Biometric and multi-factor authentication increases safety
  • You can check for compromised information
  • Incredibly strong encryption method to secure data
  • Secure password sharing with emergency access
  • Easy to recover account
  • Secure web vault to store sensitive information


  • The free plan doesn’t have password sync
  • No masking options are available

NordPass Plans & Pricing

NordPass has different pricing plans for personal or family use and business use. We will give you a quick overview of all pricing plans here.

  • Free – starting at $0/mo
    • 30-day premium trial
    • 1 user account
    • Autosave and autofill
    • Securely store credit cards and notes
  • Premium – starting at $1.99/mo
    • 1 premium user account
    • Stay logged in when switching devices
    • Detect weak, reused passwords
    • Scan the web for data breaches
  • Family – starting at $3.69/mo
    • 6 premium user accounts
    • Autosave and autofill
    • Securely store credit cards and notes
    • Detect weak, reused passwords
  • Business – starting at $3.59/user/mo
    • Up to 250 users
    • Security dashboard
    • Company-wide settings
    • Google workspace SSO
  • Enterprise – ask for a quote
    • Unlimited users
    • SSO with Azure AD, MS ADFS, Okta
    • User provisioning via Active-Directory
    • Shared Folders

Our Thoughts on NordPass

NordPass is a secure password manager that automatically captures all your passwords while typing on websites. NordPass even detects saved passwords in your browsers, and you can import those passwords to NordPass. You also get a secure web vault to store your valuable information. NordPass has biometric and multi-factor authentication to ensure no one except you can access the secure vault. Generating strong passwords for different platforms, storing your personal or credit card details, and automatically filling in that information, everything is much more convenient with NordPass. You can also check if any of your passwords have been leaked in data breaches. NordPass lets you create secure notes and organize your data into folders. NordPass has a free plan, but it comes with limited features. You have premium plans for personal and business use. Personal plans start from $1.99 per month, and business plans start from $3.59 per month.