IronVest Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

IronVest isn’t the ordinary password manager you often see around. Instead, it’s a full-proof solution to maintain your anonymity on the internet and protect you from possible mishaps. IronVest can capture and autofill credentials for you. Besides, it masks emails, phone numbers, and even credit cards so that no one can harm you. IronVest also has website anti-tracking features so that web servers can’t monitor your activity online. Due to the no-knowledge architecture, using IronVest can be a highly safe way to manage your online presence. Still, IronVest can have some drawbacks. In this detailed review, we will talk about its features, pros, cons, and pricing plans. Let’s get into it.


IronVest is rich in protective features, and we picked some of its top features for this review. Here is a detailed overview of how IronVest can be your go-to security tool on the internet.

Create, Secure, and Autofill Passwords

Most password managers tend to capture your password so that you don’t need to fill it out again, and that’s the end of their jurisdiction, but IronVest goes further to ensure you create a strong password for all your platforms. IronVest will secure your password using biometrics and decentralized infrastructures. 

So, your passwords will be protected from fraudsters on the internet. And that doesn’t only mean your passwords are protected while logging into a platform. Instead, IronVest constantly monitors the state of the security to ensure an improved experience. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Getting OTPs on your phone may not always be secure because others can easily get hold of it. This is why IronVest uses virtual phone numbers for two-factor authentication. So, your login details are always covered. Plus, you need to pass the biometric authentication to be able to use that virtual number, which adds an extra layer to your security.

Facial Biometric Authentication

The overall security of your credentials goes to the next level when you use facial biometric authentication. IronVest prompts you to set up facial authentication right after signing up. Though you can do it later, we suggest setting up the authentication process to keep all your data secure.

Masked Emails

In most cases, when we consider online safety, we think about keeping our passwords secret. We almost never think that our email addresses can be breached should the web server face any hackers. In those cases, our email addresses can be a valuable asset to hackers. 

If we think about solving this problem by creating numerous emails for different accounts, that can be time-consuming and fussy. With IronVest, you don’t need to create so many email accounts now. You can simply use your existing email address to sign up and then create a masked email address.

The newly created email address can be used on various platforms so that your original email address stays private. As a result, no one can access your original email address, even if the site is hacked. This is also helpful in keeping your inbox free from spam.

When you sign up on different platforms using masked emails, websites can’t track your original email address and send promotional emails to you. So, that’s a fantastic feature to have.

Masked Phone Number

It’s similar to a masked email. The only difference is you get a virtual phone number that routes all incoming calls to your original number. This way, no one gets to know your original phone number but can still reach you somehow. When you use IronVest, you can keep yourself from spam calls.

As no one knows your original number, it won’t be possible for them to take control of your OTPs. When you use your real phone number on websites, they can use it for malicious purposes. For example, criminals can clone phone numbers and take control of your social media or bank accounts. 

If you use a virtual phone number, the OTP will never reach them. IronVest will get to your virtual phone number first and rerouted to your original number without anyone knowing. 

We found it extremely easy to create masked emails and phone numbers. You just need to enter your details, and the tool will automatically create masked emails or phone numbers for you.

Virtual Credit Cards

A vast number of online frauds are related to credit cards. Getting your credit cards hacked is a widespread incident. This mostly happens when you use a credit card number to purchase something from malicious sites. Even if the site is trustworthy, you can lose access to your credit card if the site is hacked. 

This is a great hassle to change credit card details on all platforms should your credit card get stolen, but when you use virtual credit cards, all these problems go away instantly. IronVest lets you use virtual credit card numbers instead of original details.

When you create a virtual credit card, you can use its number to purchase items online. And even if your credit card details are hacked, no one can actually hack your original credit card. So, that’s a significant benefit for most of us. 

We tried creating a virtual credit card, and the process was quite simple. After adding the details, the masked credit card was ready to use.

Advanced Account Recovery

In many cases, we may forget our saved passwords. That’s not a big deal until we forget the master password for the password manager. And that is where the real trouble happens. You need to answer security questions in some cases, but that might not be a full-proof idea. 

IronVest has AccessGuard to recover your account with the help of tokenized credentials quickly. You get a long phrase as a token when you create an account. If you forget the master password, you can use that token to recover your account.

Though you need to store the token carefully, it is a more secure way of recovering your account. IronVest gets a higher mark in this regard compared to ordinary password managers.

Inbox Phishing Protection

When you use IronVest for business purposes, it covers your employees from all kinds of spam, phishing attacks, etc. They usually have anonymized personal identifiable information or PII to keep from any threats online. And IronVest uses AI to protect users from inbox phishing. The InboxGuard can be deployed quickly and is effortless to install.

Blocking Trackers

You might have already heard about device fingerprinting. Whenever you send a connection request to a web server, your browser transmits some information. Servers detect that information to create various user profiles and track their browsing behavior, which can monitor your news or shopping preferences from your browsing history. Social media sites and third-party agencies can track this data to show targeted ads. When you use IronVest, this prevents websites from tracking your information.

Pros & Cons of IronVest

Besides excellent features, IronVest has some shortcomings that we need to discuss. Here is a quick overview of its benefits and drawbacks.


  • IronVest masks your emails and phone numbers to protect them from data breaches
  • Virtual credit cards are risk-free to use in online shopping
  • Two-factor and biometric authentication is used to secure passwords
  • Continuous monitoring of online activity ensures maximum protection
  • Easy to create and manage strong passwords
  • IronVest protects you from spam or phishing attacks


  • The decentralized infrastructure can be deadly if you don’t have a backup
  • IronVest might require a bit of a learning curve

IronVest Plans & Pricing

IronVest offers three pricing plans. One of them is free, and you get a 30-day free trial with other plans. Here is a quick overview of what these plans have to offer. Check them out.

  • Free – starting at $0/mo
    • Create, save, and autofill passwords
    • Biometric 2FA protection for your IronVest account
    • 3 customized masked email addresses
    • Store and autofill credit cards
  • IronVest Plus – starting at $5.95/mo
    • Biometric account access protection for all your online accounts
    • 2FA protection for all online accounts
    • Up to 50 masked email addresses
    • IronVest virtual phone number
  • IronVest Ultimate – starting at $14.95/mo
    • No fee, masked credit cards
    • Unlimited masked emails
    • Backup and sync across devices
    • Priority support

Our Take on IronVest

IronVest is a digital identity protection tool rather than an ordinary password manager. It lets you create and store your passwords safely but goes one step further to give you a hassle-free experience online. To protect your privacy, IronVest uses masked email addresses and phone numbers. So, no one can trace your original details to cause any harm. Moreover, Ironvest uses masked phone numbers for two-factor authentication. So, no one can intercept your OTPs to take control of your accounts. You can even mask your credit card details while purchasing something online, so your credit card will always be risk-free. Besides personal use, you can use this tool for your business, and Ironvest will protect the details of your employees through its decentralized infrastructure. IronVest offers a free and 30-day free trial on its premium plans. The pricing starts from $5.95 per month, which is quite affordable.