Enpass Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Enpass is a decent password manager with solid features and benefits. Standard autosave and autofill options are readily available, so you can easily capture passwords and store them securely. This tool will autofill all the necessary information in relevant fields, such as credit card details or personal information. The web vault is very secure, but Enpass doesn’t have strong multi-factor authentication methods. So, you might need to think before trying Enpass. To help you make the right decision, we have come up with a detailed review of this tool. We’ll cover Enpass features, pros, cons, and pricing plans. Let’s get to know more.


We picked the top features of Enpass to show you how they perform and how these features can benefit you. 

Easy to Set Up 

You won’t face a lot of hassle while setting up this tool. We’ve downloaded Enpass for our desktop running on Windows and installed Enpass on our machine. After opening the app, setting up our account was pretty easy. Then, you need to create a master password, which will be used to access the vault. Remember, you can’t reset the master password. So, you better write your password down.

After our account was set up, Enpass prompted us with a quick settings page to set up the basic parameters. The interface was easy, so anyone could easily set up the app.

Autosave and Autofill

These are what people mostly use password manager tools for. Enpass is highly effective in capturing passwords as you type them on web pages. Enpass will prompt you to save your password in the vault. You can also manually store passwords as well.

When you need to use that password again, you just click on the relevant password field. Enpass will detect the website and fetch the specific password for that website to autofill. This process is fast and simple on all devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Offline Password Manager

Even though cloud services have made our lives easier, the risk of your data getting leaked increases when they’re on cloud storage. This doesn’t happen when the data is on your device, and the device is offline. Enpass uses offline encryption and decryption so no data leaves your device at all times.

The app can be used as a standalone password manager if you don’t have an internet connection. You just need to enter the master password to enter the vault, but there are also options to sync your data to cloud storage.

Enpass can improve your data safety and keep you relaxed. In case you sync the data to cloud storage, Enpass will use encryption to protect the data, and no data will be decrypted on the cloud. When you download that data, it will be decrypted on your device.

Cross-Platform Tool

Even though the free desktop app is more popular, Enpass is available for all major platforms. Whether you have a Windows PC, Android smartphone, or iPhone, Enpass will be compatible with all devices and platforms. So, you can easily choose this cross-platform tool as your password manager.

The best part was smartwatch compatibility. If you connect your smartwatch to your smartphone, you can easily access your passwords or other information from the smartwatch. We didn’t get this unique feature on many other password managers.

Data Sync

The tool can work as an offline password manager, but you might need to sync your data across devices. That is also possible on the platform. Fortunately, no data will go to the Enpass server, so you can easily sync devices.

The data syncing process is done in two ways. If you choose to use cloud sync, you need to send data to cloud storage of your choice; your data will remain encrypted throughout the transfer. You can then access that data on the cloud storage from other devices.

If you don’t want to send your data to the cloud, you can use Wi-Fi to sync your devices. And that’s a more secure way of syncing devices.

Built-in Password Generator

Creating unique and strong passwords every time you sign up for a website can be exhausting. To keep you from the fatigue of creating complex passwords, Enpass has a built-in password generator. It will create complex and unique passwords for every website you need. These passwords will contain all types of characters, i.e., uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters. 

This will be harder for anyone to crack your passwords. If you want, you can make the tool produce pronounceable passwords. In that case, the passwords will have easy-to-remember words from the dictionary, but the combination of words will be challenging to guess.

You can also control the length of the password. In our opinion, Enpass does an outstanding job in terms of generating a strong password.

Password Audit

Checking the overall quality of your passwords is also easier with Enpass. During password audit, you can have passwords organized into different categories, such as weak, identical, expired, and compromised. If your password is too common or contains generic information about you, the tool will detect them as weak passwords. So you can easily change them.

If you use the same password for more than one website, Enpass will detect that password as an identical password. Expired passwords are passwords that haven’t been changed for a specific period, and the website has canceled them. And if your passwords are leaked in data breaches, Enpass will let you know that in the compromised password section.

On top of that, you will also get information about the 2FA-supported websites where you haven’t turned on the feature.

Browser Extension

Enpass has browser extensions for all major browsers and platforms. We downloaded the extension for Google Chrome, and it was pretty functional. But the problem is the extension needs to be used simultaneously with the app. This doesn’t work as a standalone feature, which might cause inconvenience to many. 

Import Data 

You might currently use other password managers, or you might prefer the built-in manager of your browser over these apps. No matter where you have your password, you can easily transfer them to Enpass. If your passwords are saved on other password managers like 1Password, LastPass, Bitwarden, Roboform, Keepass, Sticky Password, etc., you can quickly import all data from those tools. Importing passwords from browsers or CSV files is also possible.

Automatic Alerts

Going to the password audit option isn’t often required in Enpass. If you save your accounts in Enpass, Enpass will continuously monitor those websites for breaches. If any data breach happens, the tool will automatically notify you about the security issue so that you can take prompt action. And that is an excellent feature to have.

Pros & Cons of Enpass

Enpass comes with a multitude of features, but it might not have too many unique features. Check its benefits and advantages at a glance.


  • An easy and intuitive user interface for all levels of users
  • Organized dashboard for categorizing passwords 
  • Multiple categories for storing data
  • Autosave and autofill options work smoothly
  • Importing data from multiple sources is beneficial
  • No data leaves the device
  • Zero-knowledge policy


  • Free features on the mobile app are limited
  • Browser extensions can’t work alone

Enpass Plans & Pricing

Enpass has different pricing plans for personal and business use. We will introduce you to these pricing plans with a glimpse of the features they have.

  • Individual Plan – starting at $0.79/mo
    • Apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Apple, and Android
    • Unlimited Passwords and items
    • Unlimited vaults
    • Unlimited devices
  • Family Plan – starting at $2.39/mo
    • Add up to 6 members
    • Unlimited vaults
    • Security alerts for website breaches
    • Email and forum support
  • One-Time Plan – starting at $99.99
    • Personal lifetime license
    • Unlimited vaults
    • Unlimited devices
    • 2FA support
  • Starter Plan – starting at $9.99/mo
    • Microsoft 365 integration
    • Admin console
    • Up to 10 users
    • Premium support
  • Standard Plan – starting at $2.99/user/mo
    • Microsoft 365 integration
    • App setting enforcement
    • Unlimited items and vaults
    • Premium support
  • Enterprise Plan – starting at $3.99/user/mo
    • Advanced corporate policy enforcement
    • Automatic user provisioning
    • UEM/MDM configurations for deployment
    • Branding customization

Our Take on Enpass

Enpass is a mainstream password manager tool that comes with robust features. You can capture passwords from web pages quickly and save them inside the secure vault. During login, this tool will automatically detect any website and auto-fills the correct password for effortless logins. Besides passwords, you can store notes, personal information, phone numbers, credit card details, and other information. Enpass has different categories to provide you with data templates. The built-in password generator can create complex yet pronounceable passwords. You can run password audits to detect weak, identical, compromised, or expired passwords. Though the desktop app is free, you need to buy premium subscriptions to use all features in mobile apps. And the browser extension won’t work without the app. The personal plan starts from $0.79 per month, which is highly affordable. And business plans start from $2.99 per month.