Leadpages Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Leadpages is a popular landing page builder with a myriad of useful features. Building a stunning landing page is just a few drags and drops away. Leadpages has rich image and template libraries to create compelling pages. Leadpages makes creating mobile responsive and SEO-friendly pages a breeze. While Leadpages offers an impressive array of third-party integrations, there are some drawbacks to be aware of. In our review of Leadpages, we’ll cover the top features, pros and cons, and highlight pricing. Let’s dive in!

Top Features of Leadpages

Leadpages is full of unique features that will help you build attractive landing pages and make the process more efficient. Here is a detailed overview of Leadpages’ top features.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Landing page builders provide the convenience of creating landing pages without writing any code, but what makes the difference is the builder’s interface. Leadpages has a clutter-free and intuitive user interface. The interface makes it easier to create landing pages for all levels of users, even the newest ones.

Section Templates

Building a landing page from scratch is tedious and time-consuming. Most tools offer template collections to quickly pick relevant templates and work on them to build landing pages faster. Leadpages has a collection of more than 100 templates. These professionally designed templates will improve the appearance of your landing pages and reduce the building time, but what would be better is if the templates were categorically organized.

Icon Library

Leadpages has a built-in icon library with a wide range of icon kits to use on your landing pages. Using these icons on your landing pages will make your page look more professional and user-friendly. The quality of icons should be improved, though.

Multiple Widgets

The use of widgets can make the landing page more attractive to visitors and lead them toward conversion. Leadpages has multiple widgets to add to landing pages, such as countdown timers, tables, and more. These widgets can be embedded on the landing page or pop-ups to grab the attention of visitors.

Flexible Customization

After you choose a template, the biggest challenge is to customize the template to your liking. Leadpages offers ample customization options so you can design a landing page of your choice with all the necessary elements. Multiple tools are available to customize existing elements.

Custom Branding

The landing page you create is going to be the face of your business. So, it should emit your brand identity in all directions. Custom branding can enhance brand consistency and make your landing pages stand out. From font styles to color themes, all of your preferences will be within your reach for faster output.

Local and Global Page Styling

Whether you want to change the style on one page or apply a style to all of your landing pages, everything is possible on the platform. Leadpages lets you quickly apply style changes to all pages, but we can’t say that the implementation is fast all the time.

Blank Page Design

You aren’t compelled to work with templates here. If you don’t find the templates suitable, you can start with a blank canvas and let your creativity bloom. Widgets or functionalities can be easily dragged to your page and customized the way you desire.

Custom Code 

Customization options may not always be enough for creators, especially those who expect more from the page. In such cases, you can add custom codes to your designs and take customizations to the next level. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes can be added to existing designs.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Creating landing pages requires using the same command over and over again. To save time in the process, you can use keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands. For example, formatting elements or copy-pasting something is really easy with these shortcuts.

Social Share Buttons

You won’t frequently find this feature on other platforms. Leadpages allows you to include social share buttons on your landing pages so visitors can easily share your page through different channels. This can be a very useful tool to reach more prospects organically.

Responsive and Device-Specific Display

Templates and all other elements you use to create a landing page are fully responsive on all devices. So, even users with mobile devices can easily view your page content, but if you want to make some elements device-specific, that is also possible on the platform.

Duplicate Pages

If you already have a landing page, alert bar, or pop-up design, duplicating the page or other elements is no big deal here. You can simply copy and paste your design to create a new page, and all customization options are available for the copied elements.

Image Library

The image library plays a vital role in creating beautiful landing pages. If you aren’t satisfied with the resources available on the platform, you can upload your own images and manage them easily. 

Real-Time Analytics

In most cases, you need to check the analytics after a specific period, but Leadpages updates analytics in real-time so that you know what is going on at the moment. You can even use third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to extract all the necessary data. The built-in analytics seemed to be a bit shallow.

A/B Testing

It’s one of the most important features of any landing page builder. The good thing is, you can run unlimited split tests to figure out how the pages are performing. Absolute beginners might need to go through the learning curve. Otherwise, the testing accuracy was pretty good.

Exit-Intent Pop-Ups

This feature works great in keeping visitors on your page. Specific pop-ups can be triggered based on their mouse movement if they aim to leave your page without converting. 


Leadpages has more than 40 integrations to connect your account with multiple tools and leverage them to process the leads you collect through the landing pages. For example, you have MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and other integrations available. Zapier integration is highly beneficial as you can use thousands of apps through it.

Flexible Publishing Options

Once you’re done building the landing page, you need hosting to publish your page. Leadpages offers free domains to publish your landing pages, or you can connect your own domain and publish your landing pages there. 


Even if you use the free domain offered by Leadpages, it comes with SSL encryption, so all your pages will be secure on the cloud, and no one can intercept the data; plus, Leadpages is GDPR compliant. So, you can add checkboxes to landing pages so that visitors can give consent. Leadpages also offers free sub-accounts so you can allow team members or clients to log in to those accounts using separate credentials.

Pros & Cons of Leadpages

Like all landing page builders, Leadpages has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a quick list.


  • Navigating through the interface is easy and intuitive
  • The template, image, and icon libraries have a decent collection
  • It allows you to use custom branding elements
  • Unlimited A/B testing gives detailed results
  • Third-party analytics tools can be used on this platform
  • Zapier and other integrations are handy


  • To edit one page, you need to get out of another
  • Some features like animations can’t be easily found
  • International dial codes for form entries should default to the location

Leadpages Plans & Pricing

The pricing plans are also simpler than most other landing page builders. Leadpages has only two pricing plans. Here is a quick overview of these plans.

  • Standard – starting at $49/mo
    • 1 site
    • Landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars
    • Unlimited traffic and leads
    • Mobile-responsive site templates
  • Pro – starting at $99/mo
    • 3 sites
    • 40+ standard integrations
    • Online sales and payments
    • Unlimited A/B split testing

Our Take on Leadpages

Leadpages is a very effective landing page builder with almost all the features you need to create landing pages efficiently. Its drag-and-drop builder is user-friendly, with all the necessary editing tools, including rich resource libraries, images, and icons. Uploading your own images and managing them is also easy. If you aren’t satisfied with the customizations available on the platform, using additional scripts is also possible. Leadpages has multiple widgets to embed on your landing pages, and these pages are highly responsive on all devices. Running split tests requires some experience, but real-time analytics is very helpful in measuring the performance of your pages. Leadpages offers free domains with SSL encryptions to publish your landing pages. Pricing starts from $49 per month; this might seem to be a bit expensive, but we feel it is worth giving this tool a try!