Moosend Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Moosend is an email marketing platform that allows users to create stunning emails without any fuss. It has an easy drag-and-drop editor to create responsive emails. You can even personalize emails so that they make more appeal to the target audience.

And when you are done with creating emails, Moosend automates most of the process so that you don’t need to do repetitive tasks. As the user interface of this platform is clutter-free, anyone will find it easy to get started.

Marketing automation is a feature that most providers offer on premium plans. But you can use this feature for as low as $9 per month here. On top of that, a free trial period of 30 days lets you explore the features without spending any money.

Moosend Features

Moosend is a unique platform that offers several notable features for email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

You might ask what on earth can be interesting about email marketing provider provider having marketing features… Well, the first thing that will strike your mind is the hyper-personalization of emails. With this platform, you can now include the behaviors and purchasing patterns of customers to wow them a bit.

  • Drag-and-drop campaign creation – The drag-and-drop editor for creating a newsletter is one of the easiest to use. Though many platforms have the same feature, Moosend is absolutely hassle-free for creating responsive emails.
  • Email Marketing Templates – You can choose from more than 40 templates and further customize them to match your liking. A/B testing email marketing campaigns gives you an edge to select the right template for better conversion.
  • Easy Segmentation -Breaking down your contact list into different segments is extremely easy on Moosend. The platform will automatically identify the behaviors of your target audience and suggest you the best segmentation possible for the situation.

Automation Tools

Though automation sounds a bit complex, Moosend actually makes it a piece of cake for beginners. With its marketing automation features, you can create unique marketing workflows to boost conversion. Here is a quick breakdown of the features.

  • User onboarding – Create user onboarding workflows that will get triggered when someone subscribes to any service. It will then automatically send welcome emails to the user. You can set the waiting time before it sends follow-up instructions. Designing those welcome emails and follow-up instructions is also easy on Moosend.
  • Abandoned cart – This feature is extremely useful to boost conversion. If a user leaves your website after adding a product to the cart, you can give them a gentle reminder after one or two days. You can set the waiting time before the system checks whether the user has made a purchase. If yes, the system will send a thank you email. If not, it will remind the user of the cart.
  • Lead scoring – Lead scoring is useful for identifying sales opportunities. You can set specific workflows so that the system identifies a sales opportunity when the user clicks on certain links. Changing the category of the user is also possible with this feature.


As we have already stated, Moosend allows you to personalize your emails so that readers can relate better highly. Here are a few good things about this feature.

  • Personalize emails with custom fields – It is a genius idea to add more custom fields in the email that will address the user personally. These fields will give the user a sense that you are treating them cordially and encourage them to come back. These personalizations not only include names or other standard information. Instead, Moosend allows you to use other favorites of the user.
  • Product Recommendations – Recommending the right product to the user is the key to up-sells or cross-sells. Moosend identifies what a user might expect and shows relevant product suggestions based on factors like previous purchase history, most viewed products, etc.
  • AI Personalization – Where most platforms simply recommend a product to the user from their history, Moosend uses AI to make personalized product recommendations to the next level. It can even use weather data to send the most appropriate product suggestions to users.


Being in the dark about the movement of users on your website or e-commerce store can be the biggest hurdle in your way. Moosend helps you by tracking all the necessary metrics in real-time and grouping users based on their behaviors.

You can now easily check how many users have viewed your products or how many have actually purchased them. Keeping track of coupon redemptions is also easy with Moosend.

As your business grows, this data will be very helpful in making future decisions.


The raw data acquired by the tool can be challenging to understand for many users. This is why Moosend organizes all the data to convert them into fine-tuned reports or easy-to-understand visuals. With this strong analytics feature, you can have more control over your campaigns.

  • Real-time progression – Moosend calls it the bird’s eye view that allows you to check every critical metric by just looking at the dashboard. Factors like total open rates, bounce rates, CTRs, etc., are shown on the dashboard in real-time.
  • Location tracking – Knowing where your customers live is essential to create unique newsletters or marketing campaigns. Now you can track the location of the users and cluster their engagement to have a better look at them. Targeting them based on their locations is also easy with Moosend. You can also track the devices and browsers of the users so that the offers are more relatable for them.
  • Export to PDF – This feature is extremely important for businesses to have a full-fledged marketing team. You can now share any section of your campaigns or even detailed reports in PDF to your teammates or team leads.

Pros & Cons of Moosend

There are a few advantages and drawbacks of Moosend:


  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Built-in templates designed by experts
  • Unique marketing automation workflows
  • Advanced personalization options
  • Good email delivery rates
  • Premium features on the free plan
  • Flexible pricing based on the number of subscribers
  • Excellent tracking and analytics
  • Great support team


  • The free plan doesn’t have a landing page builder
  • Lacks advanced tools desired by developers
  • Some landing page templates aren’t the best

Moosend Plans & Pricing

The pricing plans in Moosend are more straightforward than many other email marketing tools. Their flexible pricing is beneficial for a wide array of businesses. Let’s break down each plan.

  • Free Trial – lets you try the Moosend platform and send unlimited emails, create automation workflows, and landing pages and forms. This plan is great for beginners. No credit card is required.
  • Pro – as low as $7/mo (billed annually) – sends unlimited emails to up to 1 million subscribers. Includes automation workflow, landing page/forms, and SMTP server features.
  • Enterprise – custom pricing – includes all Pro features, along with an account manager, priority support, SSO & SAML capabilities, and a dedicated sending IP address. Tailed for bigger organizations.

Summary & Our Recommendation

Bypassing the deliverability hassle can be easy with Moosend. It offers a wide range of features to make your email marketing journey smoother. Using their handy features, you can create stunning marketing emails and personalize them to touch your prospects better. Besides giving you a huge library of readymade templates, you also get a drag-and-drop editor for creating attractive emails. A lot of marketing automation, like user onboarding or abandoned cart reminders, is also possible with this marketing platform. Moosend lets you track your customers and analyze their behavioral patterns to increase success rates. Their free trial option lets you test their features for one month, and then you’ll pay as low as $7/mo, based on your subscriber quantity. Not bad!