GetResponse Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

GetResponse is a popular tool in the digital marketing space, and you will find it being discussed often. But it’s more than email marketing. It provides a wide variety of tools for creating emails and landing pages and automating your marketing campaigns to grow your business. Besides email marketing, it also offers other functionality like marketing automation, webinars, SMS marketing, and conversion funnels. marketing automation.

In this review, we will explore the top features of GetResponse and break down its pricing. Let’s see how beneficial this tool can be and what it costs!

GetResponse Features

Let’s break its features down and see what GetResponse has up its sleeve.

Email Marketing

Sending monthly newsletters or transaction reminders is now effortless with the intelligent email marketing tool from GetResponse.

  • Email Creator – The tool offers a drag-and-drop email creator where you can use different layouts to design your emails. Professionally designed templates are available for free and you can choose templates based on your campaigns. Customizing the existing templates and creating new templates is also easy.
  • Transactional Emails – You now don’t need any additional tools to send transactional emails to your customers. Whether it is a transaction reminder or purchase receipt, you can design everything easily and set different triggers to send those emails to your customers.
  • Autoresponders – Sending the right email at the right time is crucial to grab the attention of your audience. GetResponse allows you to create email sequences based on different factors, and the system will automatically send those emails should the specific trigger be activated.
  • Analytics – Though GetResponse has high deliverability, you should also check other metrics to improve your marketing campaigns. Luckily, the platform offers detailed analytics so that you have a clear idea of what is going on.

Marketing Automation

Setting the marketing part of the business on autopilot is the dream of almost all business owners. GetResponse allows you to do that with several features.

  • Tags and Scores – Dividing your contact list into different segments based on multiple criteria helps you send the most relevant email to your audiences. You can use different tags to segment the contact list.
  • Automation Flows – Creating automation flows is essential to reach your audience at the right time. With this tool, you can create automation workflows and customize them using different filters.
  • Website Visitor Tracking – This is a great feature to track the movement of your visitors and a clear idea of what they are looking for on your websites.
  • Abandoned Cart Emails – Whenever a visitor adds something to the cart and leaves the cart without checking out, GetResponse can send email reminders at a particular time interval. This increases the chance of converting your audience into loyal customers.
  • Product Recommendations – With GetResponse, you can track what your visitors have seen or purchased on your website. You can then reach their email inbox with relevant product recommendations to get them back on shopping, which increases sales to a great extent.


Webinars have been a great way to grab the attention of a broad group of audience for quite a while. You can leverage a bunch of features to build a better relationship with your audience.

  • Screen Sharing – Sharing the screen can sometimes be essential to show the intricate details of a process. During webinars, you can share your screen using GetResponse, so everything is much easier to explain.
  • On-demand Webinars – Besides live webinars, you can also host on-demand webinars to engage with your audiences better. This allows you to come up with customized webinars for various ideas and products.
  • Whiteboard – Whiteboarding can be very helpful when you want to brainstorm ideas. An interactive whiteboard lets you collaborate with all attendees and make them feel a more personal connection to the brand. This way, your business can get a more loyal customer base that will only help the business grow faster.
  • Polls & Surveys – Getting the opinion of your audiences is now hassle-free with this feature. You can create various polls and surveys to figure out what should be your next move to improve your marketing campaigns. This is an excellent feature of GetResponse, which may not be available on many other email marketing platforms.

SMS Marketing

Reaching your audience with personalized SMS can be more practical nowadays. GetResponse lets you create and automate SMS marketing campaigns to achieve your targets without much hassle.

  • Create SMS and Automate – Sending bulk SMS is now a lot easier with GetResponse. You can categorize SMS campaigns and target different segments of your contact list based on multiple criteria. This allows you to reach the right audience with the right message just when they need it. Even if you don’t have an existing contact list for SMS marketing, you can import external contact lists to this platform and send targeted messages to the audience right away.
  • Emojis – Generation Z loves the use of emojis in correspondence. You can now bring that cordial feeling to your marketing messages with GetResponse. Besides personalizing recipient names and other aspects, throw some emojis into your messages to make them look more fun and attractive.
  • URL Shortener – As the number of characters is limited in the SMS, you need to save space by shortening your links. But don’t go anywhere else to do that because GetResponse offers a URL shortener to make your message more compact and compelling.

Conversion Funnels

GetResponse lets you create automated sales funnels that will take your audience in the right direction and convert them with high efficiency.

  • Sales – With sales funnels, you can easily promote your products, make upsells, and cross-sells to grow your business faster. Creating such funnels is a few clicks away with all the necessary resources.
  • Lead Magnets – You can make a rich contact list by capturing more leads in exchange for some valuable content. Make lead magnet funnels to grow your email list much faster and drive your audience towards sales or webinar funnels to convert better.

Pros & Cons of GetResponse

Now that you have a better understating of the features, let’s look at some of GetResonse’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • It has a very friendly user interface (little to no learning curve)
  • Hundreds of email templates to choose from, with fantastic flexibility, customization, and personalization
  • Easy contact list segmentation
  • Multiple marketing tools under one roof
  • The free plan covers basic marketing tools


  • Marketing automation is not available in the free plan
  • Top-tier plans are more expensive than competitors

GetResponse Plans & Pricing

The email marketing platform has five pricing plans and offers different features in each plan. GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial of their Essential, Pro, and Premium plans.

  • Essential – starting at $19/mo
    • Unlimited newsletters
    • Basic segmentation
    • Signup forms and popups
  • Pro – starting at $59/mo
    • Marketing automation (including event-based automation)
    • Webinars
    • Advanced segmentation
    • Contact scoring
    • Sales funnels
  • Premium – starting at $119/mo
    • Quick transactional emails
    • Ecommerce segmentation
    • Abandoned cart recovery
    • Promo codes
    • Product recommendations
    • Web push notifications

GetResponse also offers enterprise-grade plans (called MAX and MAX2 – starting at $999/mo), which offer features like 99% email deliverability, transactional emails, integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, and flexible terms and payments. These plans can be customized based on your needs and are more suitable for established businesses.

Summary & Our Recommendation

One thing is pretty clear: GetResponse houses more features than its competitors as a single platform. You get an extensive suite of digital marketing tools that can automate many parts of your business. This includes easy campaign builders for email marketing, lead generation tools, hundreds of professional email templates, landing page builders, and many more. GetResponse offers a free plan with basic features which can be suitable for businesses just starting out. And when you want to upgrade, its cost will start from $19/mo based on your contact list. We recommend giving it a try!