signNow Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

signNow is an e-signature software tool with an impressive array of features. signNow lets you send documents to multiple signers, and offers various notifications depending on the action the recipient takes. Besides importing Microsoft Word documents, you can easily create team documents on the platform, complete forms, and generate templates for future use. signNow also makes it easy to add various fillable fields to your documents for easy guidance is also possible. Though signNow seems to be a well-rounded tool, it does have drawbacks. This review will break everything down and determine whether this e-signature tool is worth it. Let’s get started!

Top Features of signNow

signNow offers plenty of features to perform all your signing needs. Here is a glimpse of the features:

Standard eSignature Tools

Creating a signing invitation is just a few clicks away. You can even bulk invite signers to sign a document and reuse the generated invitation link whenever necessary. If you allow the recipient, they can forward that invitation link to other signers, reducing the hassle. When signers receive that document, they need to draw the signature by hand. 

Signature templates aren’t supported here, which can be an issue. While sending signing invites, you can add CC recipients. Adding the expiration date for each document is also possible. signNow can send reminders for signing documents. When a recipient signs a document or declines it, you get instant notifications to stay on top of the process.

Documents and Templates

If you already have a Word document ready for signing, you can upload that document to signNow and send that to recipients for signing. Besides, you can create documents on the platform and share them with teammates. Filling information in the imported documents is easy and intuitive. When the document is ready, you can save that document as a template for future use. 

This way, you save the time of creating documents from scratch. Organizing documents is also easy because you can create document groups or folders. With document preview, checking that document becomes easier. If you want to merge documents with one another, signNow lets you do that too. 

Team Collaboration

You might need this feature so much when you work in a large organization and need to handle a vast amount of documents. Team Collaboration lets you create teams to manage all your documents on this platform. All documents and templates can be shared with teammates. Plus, you can set advanced options for teammates so that they can keep track of everything. 

Other signNow users can join your organization. You can invite users or remove them from the organization as required. The activity of each team member can be tracked on the platform from the organization dashboard. This feature is useful for large teams, so individual users might not benefit so much from this.

Fillable Fields

Whether you create a document on the platform or import it from somewhere else, you can add a variety of fields to a document. For example, you can add text or checkbox fields to add information in different formats. Calculated fields or smart fields can also be added to documents. If you add magic fields to a document, the fields will guide signers to find the required places for singing. Other fields include initials fields, dropdown fields, signature fields, etc. 

If you already have some information filled into a document, you can import that field anywhere in that document and avoid typing the same thing repeatedly. By turning the field snapping on, all fields are neatly aligned. Though using so many fields can be confusing to some users, especially beginners, these fields are extremely useful in many cases.

Mobile Applications

signNow offers a potent app for iOS and Android, so you can perform a lot of regular tasks on the mobile app. Kiosk mode is one of its head-turning features, which lets users sign documents in person. This feature is only available on iOS, so Android users can’t benefit from this tool. They can upload documents to signNow or create templates from their smartphones.

You can also import documents to signNow using the camera of your smartphone or tablet. This feature is available on iOS and Android. Even importing documents from emails is available. Editing signatures or printing documents from your iPhone is possible, but unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on Android.

Security and Authentication

All your valuable documents should be protected while you handle multi-person interaction for signing. signNow offers multiple layers of security to keep your documents confidential. You can set up a password to protect your documents sent for signing. Plus, recipients need to go through two-factor authentication to access the document. You can also integrate phone call authentication for improved safety of your documents.

Every document on signNow will have a unique ID, which ensures the authenticity of the document. The session inactivity timeout feature is also helpful when a signer loses access to the document if they remain inactive on the signing screen for a specific period. 

Advanced eSignature Tools

Adding one or multiple signers to a document is no big deal. Even if you add signers to a document, you can remove them easily, and prevent mishaps. When adding signers, you can define their roles in the workflow. For example, some recipients might have exclusive access to control the workflow, and some can be CC recipients to get notified on the completion of the workflow.

When working with a lot of signers, you might make mistakes while adding signers. If you send a document to a recipient by mistake, you can revoke the access on signNow. This lets you update the signer. Adding signers becomes more convenient as you can pick them from recent signers. 

Account Management

Managing all the documents and actions inside signNow becomes easier with its convenient features. For example, you can create the position of a super admin who oversees all the activity within the organization on signNow. In the admin console, a user can check document status, workflow progress, templates, and every other aspect of the tool. 

Checking document processing stats is also possible with signNow. You can also connect merchant accounts to this platform so that signers can send payments through the channel. 

Integrations and API

signNow offers multiple integrations to make your workflow simpler. For example, signNow has integrations for Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, Box, Gmail, BIM 360, and more. With these integrations, you can quickly fill documents and create templates. Managing contracts also becomes easier thanks to the Salesforce integration.

Another good thing about signNow is its API. If the necessary integration isn’t available on the platform, you can use the API to set up your own e-signature workflows. This is great for enterprise users!

Pros & Cons of signNow

Despite having tons of useful features, some aspects are shaky. Here’s a quick list signNow’s pros and cons.


  • Saving documents as templates boost productivity
  • This tool replaces manual follow-ups with automatic reminders and notifications
  • This interface is simple and intuitive, so signing documents are convenient
  • A variety of fields can be added to documents before sending them for signing
  • Uploading documents to the platform is pretty straightforward
  • This tool has the option to define the signing order
  • Easy document organization
  • Notifications for signed or declined documents


  • Editing signatures or printing documents from Android isn’t available
  • Documents coming back after signing has complex name codes
  • Logging into signNow sometimes requires clearing the cache.

signNow Plans & Pricing

signNow offers four pricing plans – here is what they offer:

  • Business – starting at $8/mo
    • Send documents for signature
    • Basic fillable fields
    • Mobile app 
    • Unlimited templates
  • Business Premium – starting at $15/mo
    • Unlimited teams
    • Send in bulk
    • Signing link invites
    • Add custom logos
  • Enterprise – starting at $30/mo
    • Request payments
    • Advanced threat protection
    • Signer attachments
    • Conditional documents
  • Business Cloud – starting at $50/mo
    • Unlimited suite of solutions
    • CRM/ERP integration
    • Personal integration support
    • HIPAA compliance

Our Take on signNow

signNow is an all-in-one e-signature tool with the most advanced features for signing your documents and getting them signed. Besides creating documents on the platform, you can easily import documents from other places on any of your devices. You can even use the camera of your smartphone or tablet to directly scan documents. Sending signing links to recipients is simple and intuitive. This tool lets you add a variety of fillable fields to your documents for the best optimization. You can create and manage teams to process your documents with high efficiency. The security features on the platform are good enough to keep your documents confidential. From password-protected documents to two-factor authentication, signNow focuses on every little detail. Though some of this tool’s features may not be available on Android, which can be an issue for many users. The pricing starts from $8 per month, which is pretty affordable. The Business Premium plan is also an excellent value for money at $15 per month.

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