Salesflare CRM Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Salesflare is a customer relationship platform (aka CRM) that offers a myriad of functionalities to build and maintain better customer relationships. This CRM allows users to create unlimited contacts and organize data very efficiently. Managing pipelines, handling recurring revenue, and advanced filtering is some of Salesflare’s unique features. It also makes communicating a breeze with email tracking, lead scoring, email sequences, and more. Even with an impressive list of features, there are some drawbacks to be aware of. In our Salesflare review, we will highlight top features, and go over its pros and cons, along with the pricing tiers. Let’s dive into our Salesflare review!

Top Features of Salesflare

Salesflare CRM has many helpful features to manage customer relationships efficiently.

Contact Creation and Management

Managing contacts is one of the biggest challenges in customer relationship management. But this tedious task gets much more manageable with Salesflare CRM’s ability to create unlimited contacts per account. Plus, unlimited users can log into the account to handle contacts for a large business.

Organizing contacts with advanced filtering is a great feature to have. We tried to organize a set of contacts using advanced filters, and it seemed to perform quite well. Though the saved filters didn’t always appear in time, we want to give it a pass considering the ease of the filtering process.

Taking bulk actions is also easy on the platform. You can select multiple contacts and take the necessary action that applies to all the selected contacts. This reduces a lot of hassle when you need to handle batch actions. Finding a contact takes almost no time, and you can have a contact preview on the sidebar for better efficiency.

We also tested the data importing and exporting features to see how they perform. Fortunately, these features performed satisfactorily, and we imported a vast set of contacts on the platform at a very short time.

Pipeline Management

Having all the smallest details of the engagement pipeline in front of your eyes is crucial for companies to reach the right prospect with follow-ups and close the deal. Salesflare CRM gives a pretty nice overview of the pipeline, and you can break it down into small bits to take action where necessary.

You can even add and manage multiple pipelines on the platform. Handling recurring revenue is flawless. Users can create, manage, and assign tasks with a few clicks. We tried to assign a few tasks to our teammates, and the tool seemed to perform okay. But there should be improvements in this section, so that users can add personalized notes while assigning tasks.

Getting notifications of engagement is another notable feature of the platform. Whenever a contact makes a move in the engagement pipeline, you will receive live notifications to see what’s going on and decide how to react to that engagement proactively.

Analytics and Reports

This section is one of the simplest yet most powerful analytical dashboards considering the top CRM tools out there. You will see two tabs on the top left corner of the insights dashboard and they show every relevant metrics you need to know.

Various metrics like the revenue, average sales cycle, average value, number of won opportunities, and new opportunities are shown side-by-side to help you understand how the business is going on. It uses green or red arrows to indicate whether the performance is going up or down.

You can even compare various metrics within a specific timeframe to get an idea of how things are different than previous times. From top-earning accounts to top lead sources, from funnel analysis to team insights, everything is readily available on the dashboard.

Moreover, you can customize the dashboard according to your choice to get a more simplified view of the metrics. Though the analytics is great, the reports weren’t as good. We found some flaws while creating reports, and these reports were too simple.

Tracking and Communication

Knowing where your sales emails go is essential for improving your strategies. Salesflare CRM tracks the opening and clicking rates of emails you send through the platform. You can also track website engagement and handle team permissions on the platform.

Lead scoring is another good feature that is now common on many platforms. But the feature takes some unique factors into account here to score leads. So, you can easily filter hot prospects to offer alluring deals. You also get a bunch of email templates to send professional emails in minutes. But the collection of templates seemed too small to us.

Workflow Automation

From automatically syncing contacts and emails to pulling attachments, Salesflare CRM offers a lot of automation features to make customer relationship management more effective and efficient. It also reduces the need for manual tasks in many cases. You can automatically log calls to contacts so that service agents can easily view the log and improvise actions.

Automated data enrichment is another great feature. When you create a contact on the platform, it will look for relevant information on public domains and collect them to enrich the contact. For example, if a contact uses email signatures, the system can fetch contact numbers, social media links, images, and more to enrich that contact for future use.

Email workflows can also be automated on the platform. Though setting up the automated email workflow seemed a bit difficult, it might be more familiar over time. We were impressed by trigger-based automation where you can set up multiple workflows activated by specific triggers.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrating your CRM tool with other platforms is important to deliver a seamless experience for customers and employees. Salesflare includes handy information in sidebars (like email and LinkedIn), which keeps you focused. Other integrations like Zapier and Make are offered, too. Salesflare even offers REST API so that you can build native integrations if your desired integrations aren’t available on the platform with the help of a developer.

Pros & Cons of Salesflare

Salesflare CRM has many advantages, but there are some drawbacks too. Let’s review.


  • Unlimited user accounts with the ability to create unlimited contacts
  • Advanced filters to search and organize contacts
  • Bulk action feature saves a ton of time
  • Ability to create and manage multiple pipelines
  • No hidden add-ons or limits
  • Helpful third-party integrations


  • Reports aren’t well designed
  • Email templates could be better
  • Mobile app isn’t the best

Salesflare Plans & Pricing

Salesflare CRM offers three pricing plans, and all of them come with free trials. You only need to pay for what you use, as the platform has pro-rata billing. And as you don’t need to enter a credit card, you can cancel the free trial at any time.

  • Growth – starting at $29/mo
    • Unlimited users and contacts
    • Automated data input
    • Track email, links, and website visits
    • 25 email finding credits
  • Pro – starting at $49/mo – all of Growth features plus…
    • Send workflows of multiple emails
    • Set user permissions
    • Create custom dashboards
    • 500 email finding credits
  • Enterprise – starting at $99/mo – all of Pro features plus…
    • Unlimited users and contacts
    • Set user permissions
    • Create custom dashboards
    • Custom training
    • White-glove data migration service
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Unlimited email finding credits

Our Take on Salesflare

Salesflare is a simple, flexible, and affordable CRM tool. It makes it easy to create and manage contacts, and you can easily import your business contacts from other platforms. For sales reps, the ability to manage multiple pipelines is another good feature, where you can break down the pipeline to take action based on the deal stage. You’re also able to do this in bulk thanks to their bulk action feature. One great feature of Salesflare which is usually only offered with expensive CRMs, is the ability to track email and website engagements and tie them back into the contact. Salesflare offers an informative dashboard that consists of various metrics to help you make more informed business decisions, and the dashboard can be customized to your liking. While Salesflare’s user interface is minimalistic and simple, the mobile app could be better. Overall, Salesflare is a solid option for a CRM platform. You can try all of their features for free by signing up for a trial, and their paid plans start at just $29/mo.

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