Surfshark Review – Pros & Cons (Updated October 2020)

After being released across the world, Surfshark VPN quickly gained popularity. It has been featured in Forbes and is considered to be one of the best VPNs in 2020, according to CNET. Though the VPN is known to have a smaller network than other, older and more established VPNs, it makes it up by providing top-notch features. They include the protective anti-malware, private tracking-blocking, and ad-blocking.

If you do not like Chrome and work on Firefox, then Surfshark is for you. The VPN provider offers an extension for both these widely-used Internet browsers. Both these extensions are also audited for privacy by Cure 53 so, you could watch Netflix and BBC with complete security.

Another important feature of this VPN is NoBorders Mode. This allows a user to use their service in restrictive regions.


Surfshark is an award-winning VPN that was recently launched in the Spring 2018. It is designed to provide a safe and private browsing experience from anywhere in the world. It is brought to the world by a company located in the British Virgin Islands. Relatively new yet one of the most effective, this VPN service has rapidly acquired 1040+ servers in over 160 locations in 64 countries.

While not much is known of its origin, the VPN has managed to earn the trust of millions of users with its strict no-logging policy and P2P-friendly servers. Every server has unique DNS that double ensures the privacy and protects your online identity as well. The VPN is also engineered to keep your device, data, and online accounts safe from hackers on public Wi-Fi’s too.

In addition to being an efficient Netflix proxy, this VPN allows torrenting and streaming also.


Just after the launch of the VPN, it was accoladed as the Best VPN Newcomer in 2018 by for its “brilliant security”. Later in 2019, it was offered the same award of being the Best VPN Newcomer in 2019 by in the CES 2019 Award Ceremony. It was also nominated for many other awards, including for the Best Overall VPN category.

Pricing & Plans

You can get and download Surfshark VPN at a very moderate price, thanks to its three-tier pricing plan. Plus, the VPN software also ensures that every penny spent is worth it by providing a range of features.

Three-Tier Pricing

Surfshark VPN is available in three different plans – monthly, annual, and 2-year. The pricing starts at the highest cost of $11.95 when paid for just one month. However, it gets 50% discounted at $5.99 if you pay annually and 85% discounted at $1.99 if you pay for 2-years at once.

All payments are upfront. You can check all their plans and pricing here.

Inexpensive Add-Ons

While checking out, the VPN offers an extra privacy service for $0.99. This is meant to keep your browsing protected even when the VPN is deactivated. The two main features of this service are HackLock and BlindSearch. HackLock keeps your mail protected, while the BlindSearch lets you browse the Internet without getting logged.

Money-Back Guarantee

Wishing a premium account for Surfshark login but still worried about losing money? Well, don’t be because the VPN offers 100% refunds without putting up a fight. You can confidently pay for a plan, check it out, and ask for a refund in case the VPN fails to fulfill your needs. You can also sample the VPN and its functions on the mobile with its 7-day free trial.

Payment Methods

Surfshark accepts payments via credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and Bitcoin & Ethereum cryptocurrencies via CoinGate and CoinPayments.


What made the Surfshark VPN a popular option is its long list of features that come at a low price of $1.99/mo. The most important ones are:

Straightforward Interface

The VPN has a clean interface that does not require you to be a skilled techie. One look at its screen, search bar, and menu and you will know how to use it.

Multiple Connections and Privacy

The Locations menu offers four types of connections – physical servers, virtual servers, P2P servers, and double-hop VPN. Each server has a quick-connect option that links you to the fastest server in your country or a server from a neighboring country.

If you want to connect to a country with poor physical infrastructure, then the virtual server is your ideal option.

Next in line come the options P2P and double-hop servers. Both obfuscate your actual locations. Surfshark calls its double-hop feature MultiHop because it maximizes your online privacy with 13 predetermined double-hops.

Safe Access to Restrictive Countries

In addition to getting you AES-256-GCM, RSA-2048, and Perfect Forward Secrecy encryptions, Surfshark also has its own 007 move known as NoBorders Mode. It opens the entire Internet for you by breaking geo-restrictions and getting access to blocked websites. While bypassing the restricted, it cleverly hides your IP and online identity, even from your Internet Service Provider. A+ for the sneak!

Another feature called Whitelister allows your chosen apps and websites to bypass the VPN, such as mobile banking apps to protect them from cyber-attacks.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Surfshark Chrome and Surfshark Firefox extensions make it easy to access VPN from most Android and Windows devices. The VPN also has dedicated apps for macOS, Linux, Windows, Smart TVs, Xbox, and PlayStation. Plus, unlike other famous VPNs, this one does not restrict the number of devices you can use it on.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Surfshark rubs shoulders with industry leaders by offering 24/7 live chat. The website also contains a massive directory of knowledge base which includes FAQs, tutorials, general information, and even billing-related answers.


With state-of-art features, such as NoBorders, sprawling worldwide network of servers, and Cure53-audited extensions, Surfshark is an efficient VPN service. Surfshark’s low pricing makes it available for everyone. Its 30-day refund policy and 7-day app trials further assure money security. Upfront payments become easy to make with all-inclusive options ranging from credit cards to UPI and cryptocurrency. Easy-to-use, the VPN can be accessed on unlimited devices!

With comprehensive features, excellent pricing, and reliable customer support, Surfshark VPN has earned a strong nod from us.

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