How to Wrap Text in Google Docs [2023]

You might be working on a document in Google Docs and want to add an image, but the image behaves as an inline element, which means, the image takes up the whole horizontal span and the text moves to above and below the image. This may not look great for professional documents. For example, if you want to print a document with multiple images in this format, this will require multiple pages. That’s a waste of paper! To prevent this, you can use the text wrap feature in Google Docs. We’ll show you how to do so in this guide!

What Is Wrap Text?

Though the text wrap feature can mean something else in other apps like Google Sheets, in Google Docs wrap text means wrapping text around images in a text document. Without the text wrap feature, added images will be positioned like a paragraph. This means the image will take up the horizontal span and no text will be positioned on the left or right of the image.

If you use the text wrap feature, you can position the image conveniently, while placing texts around it; you can also tweak the text wrap settings to adjust the position of the image.

The wrap text feature comes with multiple benefits:

  • Wrapping text around images makes the document look better.
  • Aligning images is easier in your document.
  • Blank spaces in the document are reduced.
  • Printing documents with multiple images takes fewer pages.

How To Wrap Text in Google Docs

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can use the feature. Make sure you follow along.

Step 1: Place your cursor where you want to add an image to the document. Then, click the Insert menu and hover over the Image. Finally, select a suitable way of uploading your image. In our case, we selected Upload from our computer because we want to upload this image from our device.

Upload image from computer in Google Docs

Step 2: Browse your device and select your desired image. Then, click Open to add the image to the document.

Select image to upload to Google Docs

You can now see that the image is added to the document where we placed the cursor. Also, you will notice that the image has taken the whole space and there is no text on the right side of the image even if the space is empty.

Inserted image in Google Docs

Step 3: We will now use the text wrap feature to place text around the image. To do this, you need to click the image. The image menu will appear and the default text wrapping option will be in-line. You need to click the second icon from the left, which is the Wrap Text icon.

Image text wrap option

After clicking the icon, the text will be wrapped around the image. See how beautiful the document looks now. There is no unwanted space on the sides.

Image with text wrap in Google Docs

How to Adjust the Margin While Using Wrap Text

If you watch closely, you will see that there is still a gap between the image and the text. This is called the image margin. The default margin will be set to 1/8 inch, but you can use custom margins at your convenience. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Click the image. From the image menu, click the image margin drop-down menu. 

Image margin menu option in Google Docs

Step 2: You will see a few preset margins in the menu. In this tutorial, we chose the 1/16” margin.

Select a custom margin option in Google Docs

You can now see that the space between the image and text on the right has been reduced. If you want other margins, you can use the Custom option from the menu.

How to Adjust the Position While Wrapping Text

The position of the image you added to the document is relative to the text by default. This means, if you add text above the image, it will go down. If you delete some text from the above, the image will go up. You can adjust this using the Position options. Here is how you adjust the position of the image.

Step 1: Click the image. From the image menu, click the Position options drop-down menu.

Image position menu in Google Docs

Step 2: You can click Fix position on the page from the menu. If you select this option, the position of the image will be fixed in the document. No matter how much text you add or delete, the image will occupy its current space. Remember, this option can sometimes cause problems while editing the document.

Fix position on page

Final Thoughts on How to Wrap Text in Google Docs

Wrapping text in Google Docs is fun and lets you organize your documents to give them a more professional look. Wrap Text also helps you make your image flow with the relevant text. 

With our simple and effective guide on how to wrap text on Google Docs, you can now easily add multiple images and use the space beside them to fit the text. This also reduces the number of pages in the document, so printing the document will be more economical. Try wrapping text today.

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