Small business owners have two options when they need a website built. Hire an expensive web designer to build it for them, or go with an “easy” DIY web builder and try to create one themselves. Both of these options can put a lot of stress on owners, either financially or time spent away from running their business. Time and money are the two most valuable resources small businesses possess. How they are spent is crucial.

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Are websites really that important?

Absolutely. No website means you are losing business and what’s even worse is having a subpar or outdated website. Take a look at these two websites below. Ask yourself which business you trust more and would more than likely visit.

You more than likely chose the second one, correct? Can you see why having a bad website can cost you? First impressions are so important and with the overwhelming use of smartphones today, it is easier than ever to look up a business when you first hear about it. That’s exactly what the majority of people do. Imagine losing potential customers to a competitor just because of your website.

We are here to help.

At Visual Oak, we recognized this problem and knew we could come up with a solution to help. Our goal is give a third option when it comes to setting up a site, and that is having us do it for you. We act as a DIY web builder but give you access to a professional designer to build, manage, and maintain your online presence for you. All we need you to do is choose the style of your site, answer a few short questions about your business, and you can instantly preview your new website.

Want to add or change anything? Collaborate with our team for any additional customizations. Have a new weekly special you want to advertise on your site? Great! Send it over to us and we will add it to your site for you. Want to change the pictures on your site to showcase new work you’ve done recently? No Problem. Send the pictures and give us a call to tell us where they go. Even if you want to redesign your entire website later down the road, it is included in your service.

The best part, it’s all for just $50 a month. No contract. No hefty upfront fee to get started. Domain, security, hosting, and a wide variety of features are included. You can spend countless hours of your time trying to build a site yourself, or spend $50 a month to have us do it all. You can spend thousands of dollars upfront AND a monthly fee to a web designer, or spend $50 a month to have us take care of it.

Become part of our family tree.

We are a new, growing company that is centered around helping small businesses thrive. Join and grow your business with us. We guarantee to give you the peace of mind you need and make running your business a little easier.

Tell us your vision, we’ll bring it to life.
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