Copysmith Review – Pros & Cons [2023]

Copysmith is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to make your aid your content writing experience. It is able to create readable, structured content; simply add your content brief, and Copysmith’s AI goes to work to generate and deliver near-ready-to-publish content. Copysmith also has powerful third-party integrations, that lets you instantly publish content on various platforms. In this write-up, we will explore the features and pricing plans of Copysmith to figure out whether it is worthwhile… Let’s dive in!

Top Features of Copysmith

Copysmith is packed with features for better and faster content generation.

Content Generator

Be it an eCommerce store or a blog; you can generate almost all content with a high impact factor on this platform.

  • Website Content – You can embellish your website with all the necessary content generated by this AI tool. Plus, bulk generation is also possible if you have a website with a lot of SKUs. In such cases, you need to input the topic and brief so that Copysmith can handle the rest. It will deliver grammatically correct and intriguing content to make your website richer. And all these happen in a matter of minutes, so you can speed up your content marketing process with Copysmith.
  • Product Descriptions – No matter the number of SKUs you have, Copysmith can generate optimized product descriptions to rank higher on search engines and drive more traffic to your store. As a result, you will have an organic boost in your sales. And this is possible for a lot of different platforms. For example, Copysmith will generate product descriptions for eCommerce, Instagram, Amazon, etc., and you can launch them right away without leaving your account.
  • Social Media & Ads – Creating the perfect caption or CTA for your products or compelling ad copies for social media marketing can be challenging. But Copysmith will do that in minutes to deliver highly converting captions, headlines, CTA, and ad copies to make your marketing campaigns much more successful. Be it a Google ad, Facebook ad, Instagram ad, or LinkedIn ad, Copysmith can generate everything keeping the ultimate success in mind.
  • Blog Templates – Blog templates are just amazing when you need to write long-form blogs but have no idea about where to start. Keep the wheels rolling with effective blog templates on Copysmith that can guide you through the process. Choose your favorite blog template and generate various blog titles, blog ideas, etc., to create engaging long-form content. You can also get suggestions on blog outlines or create perfect intros with this tool.
  • Content Enhancement – This includes multiple levels of transformation and refinement to give your existing content a refreshed look. You can choose to rewrite existing content or improve it by tweaking small details of the content. The tool can also summarize blogs to create perfect hooks and use them in ad copies.
  • Email – Writing business emails can now be much easier with this intelligent tool. Once you enter relevant topics, it will generate professional emails that you can further customize before sending. This makes communication between teams much more streamlined and efficient. Though this section needs a bit of fine-tuning, it works decently.

Bulk Product Descriptions

You don’t need to create one product description at a time. Instead, you can upload huge loads of products at once, and Copysmith will generate stunning descriptions for all of them in a few clicks. This is also applicable for writing SEO meta tags for your websites.

To make the process faster, you can upload spreadsheets, and Copysmith will automatically detect all the information to generate necessary descriptions or captions. This saves a lot of time and manual work, so you can focus more on other aspects of marketing.

Plagiarism Checks

Plagiarism can be a big hurdle in your way to outranking your competitors, especially when writing content with AI tools. To mitigate this issue, you can use a built-in plagiarism checker in Copysmith that will check all the content for plagiarism and fix issues on its own.

You can also integrate your Copysmith account with dedicated plagiarism checkers to get a better result. In this case, you don’t need to leave the Copysmith account to check for plagiarism in your content. Simply check them right after generating them so that you can launch the content faster.

Team Collaboration

Creating content and then sharing it with your teammates for feedback can be a long process and slow down your workflow, especially when you have a large agency and need to handle a lot of content for your clients. Copysmith lets you collaborate with your team without getting into meetings. You can now solve issues with the content in real-time.

Once you assign content to your teammates, they can directly collaborate on the content to share their feedback or make corrections. As a result, you can speed up the workflow and launch content much faster. Multiple teammates can also be assigned to content for better and faster outcomes.


A solitary tool can be very frustrating when you want to import or export something. Thanks to Copysmith integrations, you can use a bunch of necessary tools without leaving your Copysmith account.

  • Frase – It is a top-rated tool for SEO where you can generate topic and keyword ideas for long-form content. With detailed insights from Frase, you can create better content on Copysmith, all by integrating Frase with your account.
  • Google Ads – Create and launch Google Ads much faster than you usually do with Copysmith. With Google Ads integration, you can perform multiple functions without much fuss.
  • Microsoft Word – With this integration, you can directly work on the content generated by Copysmith using the popular word processor, Microsoft Word.
  • Google Chrome – Create compelling content seamlessly with Google Chrome, using the Copysmith Extension. Super handy!
  • WooCommerce – You might not even need to manually upload products to create descriptions, thanks to the WooCommerce integration.
  • Google Docs – Lets you create and share with your teammates or enhance it on the go, theGoogle Docs integration will be beneficial.
  • API – Even if you don’t find the necessary integration, you can take advantage of Copysmith’s API to connect various tools to your account – even your own!

Pros & Cons of Copysmith

Like all tools, Copysmith has key benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a quick overview:


  • High-quality content generation for eCommerce and blogs
  • Wide variety of short-form content
  • Compelling ad copies in no time
  • Effective product descriptions in bulk
  • Content rewrite and enhancement for better results
  • Plagiarism checker for better SEO
  • Versatile integrations with API


  • Long-form content generation isn’t as good as Jasper
  • Limited features available in the Starter plan

Copysmith Plans & Pricing

Copysmith offers three pricing plans with varying features.

  • Starter – starting at $19/mo
    • 75 monthly credits or 40k words per month
    • 20 plagiarism checks per month
    • Two team members
    • 50 SKUs per upload
    • 50 bulk content generation per upload
  • Professional – starting at $59/mo
    • 400 monthly credits or 260k words per month
    • 100 plagiarism checks per month
    • Five team members
    • 100 SKUs per upload
    • 100 bulk content generation per upload
  • Enterprise – custom pricing
    • Unlimited credits per month
    • Unlimited plagiarism checks per month
    • Ten team members
    • Unlimited SKUs per upload
    • Unlimited bulk content generation per upload


Copysmith is capable of creating multiple types of content to help you run better marketing campaigns and adorn your websites. Besides short-form content, it can also deliver long-form blog content, blog ideas, ad copies, product descriptions, and a lot more. It can also help you refine content to get better outputs. An array of integrations is there to help you perform multiple functions without leaving the platform. You can collaborate with teams better and speed up the whole content creation process. And the pricing starts from $19/mo with essential features to help you generate effective content much faster.